Much like in last week’s post about spoilers for who made it through the end of Vegas Callbacks. Today is probably one of the most anticipated episodes of the season as the Top 20 is revealed.

Like last week, OMGDance has provided some spoilers as to whom could be in the Top 20

Nigel has mentioned a few times this season that Ballroom and Hip Hop is strong this season. Based off of last week’s spoilers there were three ballroom dancers that made it to the end of Vegas Callbacks and only one that we know of to be a hip-hop related dancers (there might be others, but none that we are able to discern based on the episodes seen).

If you look at the Top 20 Dance Style Breakdown page the season with the most hip-hop related dancers (this is including popping, locking, etc):
– Season One: 3 male / 1 female and 1 male breaker
– Season Two: 3 male / 2 female
– Season Three: 2 male / 1 female and 2 male breakers / 1 female breaker
– Season Four: 2 male / 1 female and 1 male breaker
– Season Five: 2 male
– Season Six: 2 male and 1 male breaker and 1 male krumper
– Season Seven: 1 male breaker
– Season Eight: 2 male and 2 male breakers
Just looking at the above list some of the hip-hop related strongest seasons occurred in the first four seasons of the series and then Seasons Six and Eight.

However, whenever Nigel and Co. talk about hip-hop dancers that have come onto the show they always go back to Twitch and Comfort both from Season Four. If they talk about strong breakers they tend to look at either Dominic from Season 3, Jonathan “Legacy” Perez from Season 6, or Jose Ruiz from Season 7.

At the same token there have been a lot of ballroom dancers over the seasons:
– Season One: 1 male / 1 female
– Season Two: 3 male / 1 female
– Season Three: 1 male / 3 female
– Season Four: 1 male / 1 female
– Season Five: 1 female and 1 male salsa / 1 female salsa
– Season Six: 1 male / 2 female
– Season Seven: 1 female salsa
– Season Eight: 1 female
Again, just by looking at the list some of the strong ballroom seasons would include Seasons Two, Three, Five and Six. The dancers that Nigel and Co would always compare or refer to would be Season Three’s Anya Garnis and Pasha Kovalev but others that take notice would be Dmitry Chaplin from Season Two, Lacey Schwimmer from Season Three, and Chelsie Hightower of Season Four. Of course we can’t forget about Janette Manrara from Season Five who evolved to become a rather strong Latin dancer.

But that’s all in accordance to simply the Top 20, let’s compare to how it would be broken down for the Top 10 of each season:
– Season One: Hip Hop: 1 male / 1 female; Breaking: 1 male; Ballroom: 1 male
– Season Two: Hip Hop: 1 male / 1 female; Ballroom: 2 male / 1 female
– Season Three: Hip Hop: 1 male; Breaking: 1 male / 1 female; Ballroom: 1 male / 1 female
– Season Four: Hip Hop: 2 male / 1 female; Breaking: 1 male; Ballroom: 1 female
– Season Five: Salsa: 1 female
– Season Six: Krump: 1 male; Breaking: 1 male; Ballroom: 1 male / 1 female
– Season Seven: Breaking: 1 male; Salsa: 1 female
– Season Eight: Breaking: 1 male
Some of the stronger seasons that included plenty of hip hop and ballroom dancers in the Top Ten includes Season One thru Four and Six.

With the above basis for comparison, I think when Nigel says “strong” he probably means the dancers have the capability to make it to the Top Ten as opposed to just seeing all contemporary / jazz dancers in the Top Ten like in Seasons Seven and Eight.

In any case from IdolForums we have the following spoilers:
– Choreographer: Tyce Diorio
– Dancers: Will Thomas, George Lawrence, Alexa Anderson, Amber Jackson.

– Choreographer: Jason Gilkison
– Dancers: Nick Bloxsom-Carter, Witney Carson, Lindsay Arnold.

Ballet/Pas de Trois:
– Choreographer: Dwight Rhoden and Desmond Richardson
– Dancers: Daniel Baker, Chehon Wespi-Tschopp, Eliana Girard.

– Choreographer: Sonya Tayeh
– Dancers: Tiffany Maher, Audrey Case, & supposed to be Janelle Issis

– Choreographer: Stacey Tookey
– Dancers: Matthew Kazmierczak, Dareian Kujawa, Janaya French, Amelia Lowe.

“Mixed Genre”:
– Choreographer: Chris Scott
– Dancers: Cole Horibe, Cyrus Spencer, Brandon Mitchell

Group Dances:
Travis Wall: Top 10 Girls
Sonya Tayeh: Top 10 Boys
Mia Michaels: Top 20

So if we were to breakdown the dancers:

Will Thomas (Contemporary)
George Lawrence II (Contemporary)
Matthew Kazmierczak (Contemporary)
Dareian Kujawa (Contemporary)
Nick Bloxsom-Carter (Latin/Ballroom)
Daniel Baker (Contemporary/Ballet)
Chehon Wespi-Tschopp (Contemporary/Ballet)
Cole Horibe (Martial Arts)
Cyrus Spencer (Hip Hop)
Brandon Mitchell (Hip Hop)
Alexa Anderson (Contemporary)
Amber Jackson (Contemporary)
Janaya French (Contemporary)
Amelia Lowe (Contemporary)
Witney Carson (Latin/Ballroom)
Lindsay Arnold (Latin/Ballroom)
Eliana Girard (Contemporary/Ballet)
Tiffany Maher (Contemporary/Jazz)
Audrey Case (Contemporary/Jazz)
Janelle Issis (Belly dance)

Looking at the above I am not terribly surprised that there is quite a bit of contemporary-related dancers on either side, but there is indeed a bit more variety elsewhere. Granted I would have loved to have seen Mariah Spears on the female list, but I could understand how and why she got dropped.

With Nigel wanting to bring in “unique” dancers into the Top 20 I am curious what the plethora of contemporary dancers bring onto the table that would have them stand out from the others.

Later today look for my thoughts on the Meet the Top 20 episode.