NEW PureSYTYCD Pages Added!

So in honor of the first couples performances of the season I created a series of pages for your reference that I will update as each week goes by. These pages are the breakdown of the dances as done on the show week by week. Right now ere are only pages of the various couple dances but hopefully soon I will have a breakdown of the various group dances during the performance episodes and the result shows in the past.

First there are six new pages that categorize all the different dance styles as shown on the show into six categories. Within these pages you can find all the individual dance styles related within the page broken down by choreographer. Here you could find out exactly what each choreographer has choreographed and what week:
Partner Dances: these include all Ballroom/Latin related dances as well as partnered social dances like the salsa, disco, and country two-step.

Contemporary / Ballet: this page includes all contemporary, lyrical and ballet pieces as shown on the show.

Jazz: aside from jazz, all jazz-fusion dance routines are also placed here ranging from Latiin-Jazz to Afro-Jazz.

Hip Hop / Freestyle: the genre known to have grown from the streets, this page includes all dance styles that related to the hip hop / freestyle world at large. This page also includes Waacking, Popping, Break Dancing.

Broadway: the dance styles that most relate to the Great White Way, which includes the Broadway style, Tap, and Rock N Roll.

Cultural: since the introduction of Bollywood in Season 4 there have been other dance styles that have tied to any specific culture throughout the world.

Granted this would be considered a rough categorization of all the dance styles as portrayed on the show, but at the same time I think the lines (as thinly drawn as some of them are) are strong enough to distinguish them for the most part. From the above categories I broke down each individual season by week to show how the spread is portray over the course of the seasons as well as an overall look from across the series thus far: Couples Breakdown.

As I said earlier, all of the above pages will be updated as each episode airs on Wednesday evening. Tis way we could all see how the current season would pan out in comparison to past seasons.