SYTYCD Season 9: Top 14 Performances – Music and Instant Thoughts!

Group dance: Top 141
Style: Contemporary
Choreographer: Mia Michaels
Song: Active Child – Hanging On Hanging On - You Are All I See (Deluxe Version)

Dancers: Cyrus & Eliana
Originally: Stephen “Twitch” Boss & Katee Shean (Season 4)
Song: Duffy – “Mercy” Mercy - Rockferry
Instant Thoughts: I really like how Cyrus emulated his character in this piece, I felt like he really made it his own. I didn’t have trouble seeing this as Cyrus / Eliana as opposed to Twitch / Katee. The chemistry between the two was there. I felt that Cyrus slipped up a couple of times here and there… and consequently it felt like Eliana was covering for him here and there… but other than that I really like how this came out.

Dancers: George & Tiffany
Originally: Joshua Allen & Katee Shean (Season 4)
Song: Adele – “Hometown Glory” Hometown Glory - 19
Instant Thoughts: There were a few moments that it didn’t felt like they were a couple dancing a piece together. As one of the judges mentioned sometimes it felt like two solos that just happen to be dancing in the same space. I felt myself watching George far more than Tiffany so this piece did him justice. There was something about Tiffany that was off for me… but I can’t seem to pin it.

Dancers: Will & Amelia
Originally: Evan Kasprzak & Randi Evans (Season 5)
Song: Koop feat. Ane Brun – “Koop Island Blues” Koop Island Blues - Buddha Bar IX
Instant Thoughts: When I realized what piece Amelia and Will was going to do I was excited, because I thought this was right up Amelia’s alley, I was more worried about Will being able to turn on the charm like Evan did. Instead I found myself watching Will at times more than Amelia, which I thought was disappointing.

Dancers: Dareian & Janelle
Originally: Stephen “Twitch” Boss & Kherington Payne (Season 4)
Song: John Mayer – “Dreaming with a Broken Heart” Dreaming With a Broken Heart - Continuum
Instant Thoughts: Dareian’s feet are very distracting… and Janelle… I felt that she connected the best but considering she had something to draw from it wasn’t too difficult. Dareian performed well too… but there was still something lacking between the two here.

Dancers: Matthew & Audrey
Originally: Neil Haskell & Lacey Schwimmer (Season 3)
Song: Billy Porter – “Time” Time (Live) - At the Corner of Broadway and Soul (Live)
Instant Thoughts: I haven’t been feeling this couple for a very long time, and this hasn’t changed much with this routine. However, for some reason I am drawn more to Audrey in this case than Matthew, but then again Audrey emoted quite a bit in this routine.

Dancers: Chehon & Witney
Originally: Travis Wall & Heidi Groskreutz (Season 2)
Song: Celine Dion – “Calling You” (There is no individual track so here is the karaoke Calling You (Rendu célèbre par Céline Dion) [Version karaoké] - Hits Céline Dion, Vol. 1)
Instant Thoughts: This is probably one of the routines that I felt really did justice not only to the original but to themselves in this “update” of the routine from how many years ago. I love Chehon, I really do… and Witney I felt shined in this routine as well.

Dancers: Cole & Lindsay
Originally: Kūpono Aweau & Kayla Radomski (Season 5)
Song: Sara Bareilles – “Gravity” Gravity - Little Voice
Instant Thoughts: Oh. Em. Gee. Cole’s stone cold facial expression really sold this piece for me. Who knew? I didn’t really felt it as much the first time around, but dammit this really did for me. I don’t know what to do about this… Cole was just amazingly heartbreakingly cold to Lindsay and it just went to town.

Amelia Lowe: Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova – “Falling Slowly” Falling Slowly - Once (Music from the Motion Picture)
Janelle Issis: Elie Attieh – “Inta Omri” Inta omri - Oasis Lounge - By DJ Markarian
Lindsey Arnold: Club des Belugas – “Hip Hip Chin Chin” Hip Hip Chin Chin - Palace Lounge Presents: Café D'Afrique, Vol. 3
George Lawrence, Jr.: Explosions In the Sky – “So Long, Lonesome” So Long, Lonesome - All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone
Dareian Kujawa: Joshua Ledet – “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World” It's a Man's Man's Man's World (American Idol Performance) - It's a Man's Man's Man's World (American Idol Performance) - Single
Matthew Kazmierczak: Damien Rice – “Delicate” Delicate - O (Deluxe Version)