So You Think You Can Dance Season 9: Top 8 – What They Should Dance

With only a few weeks left in the competition I thought I should put in my own thoughts as to what I would like to see the Top Eight dance in the coming week. Below I have listed the Top Eight dancers as well as what they have danced in the first five weeks of the competition. After that I have put in my thoughts for each individual dancer and what I would love to see them dance.

Tiffany Maher: Contemporary, Foxtrot, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Disco
For a Jazz dancer she has moved through the spectrum. After a high energy routine like the Disco I want to test her mettle even further with either a high octane Sonya Tayeh Jazz routine or showing off character in a Broadway routine.

Lindsay Arnold: Paso Doble, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Contemporary, Jazz
This little Ballroom girl has been stretched in some capacity or another, but that Hip Hop routine left me cold… she needs another chance to redeem herself. So how about a hard hitting Hip Hop routine with Twitch or Bollywood (or some other cultural routine).

Witney Carson: Samba, Bollywood, Contemporary, Contemporary, Jazz
A Ballroom girl with a bit of sass, but I’m not completely sold on her versatility as a dancer quite yet… perhaps after I see her in a Hip Hop routine I would change my mind.

Eliana Girard: Broadway, Jive, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Contemporary
She has finally been pushed and challenged in her routine with Alex Wong, so let’s really push the envelop further and toss her Ballroom, preferable a fun and sexy Samba or an Argentine Tango to show off some aggression.

Cyrus Spencer: Broadway, Jive, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Contemporary
So… he has been able to push the envelope with a bit of Contemporary, this is another one that I would really love to see him push the envelope further in either a Jazz routine or another Ballroom dance.

Cole Horibe: Paso Doble, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Contemporary, ChaCha
He’s done goofy, creepy, aggressive, beautiful… I really want to see him do another ChaCha since he did the last one on an injured foot. However, since repeating dances is not possible let’s toss him a Jive or a Samba to show off a funloving version of Cole that would force him to engage his partner and the audience more.

Chehon Wespi-Tschopp: Samba, Bollywood, Contemporary, Contemporary, Hip Hop
He is FINALLY beginning to let loose and enjoying himself on the stage! Only took him five weeks. I want to see if he could pull off Jazz or evening a fun and flirty Foxtrot.

Will Thomas: Hip Hop, Contemporary, Jazz, Contemporary, Bollywood
Hands down… Will tries to infuse goofy into his character so let’s see if he could emulate a character where he cannot be prone to add goofiness to: like an agressive Paso Doble or a hard hitting Krump.

Since all the dancers have had to do a Contemporary routine at some point during the competition (Mia Michaels day anyone?) I would prefer to see a day where there is no contemporary whatsoever… though it might be too much to hope.