My Favorite Dancer on A Chance to Dance – Laura Gruener

Laura Gruener
In case some of you missed my tweet about Laura Gruener, I’m absolutely in love with her dancing and personality and can’t wait to see her dance in the finale of Chance to Dance tonight. If you’ve missed the previous episodes of Chance to Dance, you can still stream them on Facebook for really cheap. It’s well worth the investment and you can watch all the episodes commercial free.

I think you have to see the whole series to know why I just adore Laura. From what I can tell she’s a real sweetheart that’s incredibly sincere. I think the picture below does a great job capturing the special, natural happiness that she has:
Laura Gruener

I also did a little searching online to try and find out more about Laura before she was on Chance to Dance. I found a few pictures of her including one when she must have been 11 years old in some ballet company:

Even better is that I found a couple YouTube videos of Laura Gruener dancing at the PA School of Performing Arts. I think you’ll enjoy the videos of her dancing:

Now I’d really love to see her audition for So You Think You Can Dance. I’d love to see her do other genres. Either way, I look forward to seeing her dance tonight in the finale of A Chance to Dance.