My Thoughts on LA and Austin Auditions 5/21/13

First off I’d like to start off by saying how happy I am to have SYTYCD back on my television, and I think it’s time to update the opening credits for the show. I know random thought but Idol updates every year, so why can’t SYTYCD. Last nights episode we went back to LA for day two and then to Austin, Texas. I’m not going to go into detail about every audition just a few that stood out for me and if I skipped over anything that stood out for you please let me know, I like reading other people thoughts on dancers.

I like to start with a little comparing and contrasting between the two bone breaking auditions.

In LA we had Slick, who also referred to his style as Flex dancing. I tend to always find myself not wanting to watch them pop their joints in and out of socket but at the same time I can’t help but watch. I also though he was great performer and a had a great attitude. I think he held his own during the choreography round but I agree with the judges, not quite strong enough for Vegas.

In Austin we had Shane Garcia, who has a stutter and uses dance to “speak freely”. I’ll admit his story made me think of Lazero on Idol this past season. I had no doubt that he would be good but what surprised me was the feeling he danced with, which made him easier to watch compared to Slick. Like Slick, Shane held his own during the choreography round but unlike Slick, he got a ticket to Vegas.

So what are your thoughts on Slick and Shane?


Moving on, we had Alex Kessiger, Sebastian Serra, Two ballroom couples, Makenzie Dustman, and other the went straight throug to Vegas. Which of these dancers did you like and why? Makenzie, might be an early favorite for me and I loved how Jesse said she had been marinated in dance. Emilio “Millie” Dosal is my other favorite from the LA auditions. Just knowing he is part of Phillip Chbeeb’s crew, I knew he would be good and he almost had me with that fake out in the beginning. It was during the choreography round that I just couldn’t help but to watch him and I hope that he does well in Vegas cause I want him in the top 20.

Next up Austin, Texas and a new guest judge movie star Minnie Driver. Austin had plenty of talent, from new auditioners, to past favorites, and even some that weren’t auditioning for the show.

Of course they had to start with the adorable Anthony, who at only 4 is showing promise that he will be a star in dance. He was easily one of my favorite moments of the entire show. Also, to hear that Cyrus inspired him to dance, I think is fantastic. I hope he keeps up with it and maybe will see him on Season 24.(lol…if the show is still around). Very sweet to send him to Disney World.

Donovan Gibbs and his family had a touching story to keep their dance studio open and to sell their house is a brave move. I think Donovan will be one to watch to see how he does in Vegas. Loved when his dad got to show everyone where his son gets his talent, I don’t about anyone else but I would’ve given dad a ticket to Vegas.

Plenty of other great dancers Hayley Erbert, Daniela, Nick Muckleroy, and Dannon O’Brien(pleasantly surprised by him. There was a female hip hop dancer they show in the montages that I wish they showed more of, and I willing to say we will probably see her in the top 20.

Last but not least the Exorsist Hampton Williams is back and this time he brought back up, his girlfriend Darlesha Goggans and their daughter Kira. Kira another 4-year-old that just made my night, and I love how Dad and Mom joined her and it became a family dance. I was totally captivated by them and I hope we get to see more of them. On a side not how cute would it be if the two 4 year olds Anthony and Kira dance together.


Next week they are off to Boston and Adam Shankman will be on the Judging panel.