Boston Auditions Thoughts

This week Amanda and Rachel chimed in with their thoughts about the SYTYCD Boston Auditions. Feel free to chime in with your thoughts in the comments. Also, be sure to check out the SYTYCD Boston Audition music post.

Amanda’s Thoughts:

It’s so good to see Adam Shankman back on the judging panel. He has always been one of my favorite judges. I think he was my favorite comic relief for the night with the Lamp Dance was a great moment and I’m so glad he made it to Vegas 😉 The girl I thought deserved to at least go to the choreography round.

Day One: I think the biggest stories of the day were the two brothers who were there for there sisters. The 16 year old  that stood in for his sister’s missing partner,  was really good, especially to learn that dance in three hours.  I thought the judges were just going to judge him and not his sister.  Now the brother who paid for the trip his sister Jennie was fabulous.

The other standouts for me were the ballroom couple that were the first to audition and the ballerina turned jazz dancer.

Day Two: Bring on the familiar faces…I’ll be honest I didn’t recognize all of them but I’m glad they come back to give it another shot…well almost all of them.

E-Knock: when they showed his initial audition I remembered exactly who he was. What a moving story to produce a powerful performance. Wish he was able to make it through to Vegas.

Alexis.. I love tap dancers. I’m always happy to see them go straight to Vegas.

Anthony B: oh boy not sure about this guy, he is a great dancer and I thought his attitude had improved but guess not…lol.

Anthony S: just absolutely loved him.

Lots of ballroom dancers in Boston and Adam does a great Bruno(DWTS judge) impression.

Toshi loved him so entertaining and fun.

Who were your favorites? Sorry for the lack of names but I was typing as I watched. Next week is Tennessee and Wayne Brady joining the judges.

Rachel’s Thoughts:
On to Boston! I was so happy to see Adam Shankman. I love Adam Shankman. He’s my favorite judge besides Lil C. He’s the loudest and the craziest of the judges (as we saw by the lamp dance). He’s also the easiest to make cry (as seen by the brother/sister salsa number). His Bruno impression is spot on too.

Beat boxer
I think that was a really great idea to combine his dance with the beat box. I’ve seen something like it with a tapper and a singer on America’s Got Talent. It must be hard to dance to the beat box because it’s variable. I wonder if the dancer tells the beat boxer what he wants as far as a sound or if it’s all off the top of the beat boxer’s head. I hope to see him back in a future season.

Jennifer Jones
I have a soft spot for girls with eating disorders who have overcome them. It takes a lot of strength to get through something like that. You can see it in the way she dances. Her movements are a little guarded. You can see a lot of the ballet in her dance. I’m excited to see more of her. She is simply gorgeous.

Tommy of TKO Dance
I don’t remember him from past seasons to be honest. He didn’t impress me much. It was the same move over and over again, although the moves were impressive. He needs different styles to maybe shake him out of how stiff he is. His lines are straight as a board. Beautiful, but not enough for me. I’ll be interested to see how he does later on.

Okay, if you didn’t cry during this part, you have no soul. He didn’t need to start dancing for me to start sobbing. Remember what I said about dancers who tell the story through their dancing? He is a contender. His story stands as a reminder that through the pain and sadness, there is a light at the end and things can and will get better. I’m very surprised they didn’t send him to Vegas and I hope and pray he comes back next season.

Recognize that music? It’s from the “Addiction” dance. I personally wouldn’t use a song that has been used as a dance on the show before but he did such a good job. They almost got me with sending him to choreography. He is exactly what they talk about when they talk about dancing from within. So beautiful.

Final Thoughts
Vegas is looming and I’m worried about our fantastic hip hoppers like The Exorcist and Toshi. They are so good in their own styles, but crumble under the weight of other styles. We’ll see what happens next and if our favorites survive the week. I’m rooting for the girl from Temecula (my hometown). Let’s hope no one gets sent to the hospital this time. I’m also looking to see what comes out of Memphis. It’s such a great and musical city. I look forward to it.