SYTYCD 2013 Memphis Auditions Thoughts

Memphis, Tennessee is the final stop on the hometown auditions. Wayne Brady joins Mary and Nigel on the judging panel. I love Wayne and his attempt to channel Lil’ C was a favorite moment for me.

Day One starts off with a member of the Dragon House BluPrint. I’m starting to appreciate the animation style of dance a little more. BluPrint has a different style from Cyrus and I enjoyed him.

Tucker Knox is an amazing dancer with a moving story. It always makes me happy to see someone come back from that type of accident, it really is inspiring even though it sounds kind of cheesy.

Courtney and her dad, loved everything about this audition right down to their lucky pigs. Courtney’s audition is at least for me one of my favorites of the night. I could watch her dance all day. I personally hope to see her in the top 20.

Tonight introduced us to a new cultural dance, the Mongolian Bowl Dance. I love experiencing new dances that I haven’t seen. Very beautiful from the movements to the costume. Love that Mary mentions Phillip Chbeeb, granted for me I thought of that Russian Folk dance. The judges had me fooled for a second because I didn’t think they would have sent her though to Vegas.

Who stood out for you on day one.

Day Two

Didn’t really see the ballroom blitz they refered to but Jenna was great and I can see her on the show.

Novien I liked but I think I needed to see more of his dancing to really have a good opinion of him, but he is a good strong dancer. Maybe the hat is what bothered me.

Now for my other favorite of  the night Caleb. Very entertaining and he reminded me of Will Thomas from last season. Overall a great dancer with a great personality and surprisingly good at hip hop. What can I say I love my nerds…lol.

Jasmine Harper who just happens to be Cryus’s ex-girlfriend. She is a beautiful dancer and I agree with what Wayne said she danced they way Destiny’s Child sang the song. I can see her on the show.

Of course a trip to Memphis wouldn’t be complete without an appearance from Elvis and his daughter. Granted Paige was a good dancer but she does need refine her skills a little more to make it to Vegas.

Next week it’s time for the long and grueling week in Vegas.

UPDATE: Here’s Rachel’s thoughts on tonight’s episode:
Wayne Brady! I’m excited to see what he’ll bring to the panel. I remember him from Who’s Line is It Anyway (which is returning to TV in July) and know he can be very funny. I don’t know if he can dance though. He can at least fake a jig and a hoedown though.

Curtis the tapper

Oh I like him. He was so good! His speed and talent were so awesome. He reminds me of Cary Grant a little just in the old fashioned way he presented himself. It was very old school and I really liked it.


I was mesmerized by this dance. She is so graceful and elegant. I’ve never seen this dance before. I might go on a youtubing spree after this. She is so adorable too! I’m wondering how well she’ll adapt to a modern style. I’m going to be watching her in Vegas.


Cutie Patootie. I love his story and the fact that he’s a total dork who knows hip hop. He’s got an old school grace to him that’s very musical theater. I’d love to see him do a Tyce number. He’s adorable and I love him and his character dancing. His dad’s cute too. I love it when parents dance and are super supportive.

I’m super excited for Vegas week. I’m rooting for the girl from Temecula with the jazz singer parents (my hometown hero). I don’t think a lot of our hip hoppers are going to last through the week. I’m hoping The Exorcist makes it further than he did last time.