SYTYCD Vegas Week Drinking Game

I’ve been watching So You Think You Can Dance for quite a while now and I’ve noticed some tropes that happen every single year. Despite the dancing getting better, the stories being more and more dramatic and the injuries going up every year, it can be a bit boring to have the same trope year after year. That’s why they invented drinking games.

You don’t have to do this with alcohol. I would recommend doing it with soda or water. Fill up a tall glass and get ready for Vegas week.

Note: I created this before the Vegas show aired. Judges/choreographers could be different.

Initial Solos

Take a shot/sip if:

A judge cries during a solo

Mary screams

Lil C makes an elaborate analogy

Lil C uses a fancy word to sound smart and eloquent

Extra shot/sip: if the other judges are confused at his vocabulary too

Adam starts screaming

Different Styles

Take a shot/sip if:

A dancer exclaims “This is hard!” or “I’m tired”

A dancer mugs to the camera (optional to avoid alcohol/water poisoning)

A choreographer yells at a dancer

Bonus if it’s Mia, Tyce or Sonya

The Judges say “I expected more out of you” or “We’re disappointed in you”

Somebody hurts themselves

Dancers start crying and/or claim they don’t understand what the judges are looking for

A dancer out of their element gets called out for being out of their element

A dancer quits because they can’t do choreography

The Group Number

This one is ripe with tropes. Take smaller sips to avoid dying.

Two dancers of different styles don’t get along

Two dancers start screaming at each other

Dancers scream “I’m done!” or “I’ve had enough”

One dancer bashes a member of their group to the camera behind their back

Groups go to bed early after giving up

Dancers admit to being nervous about their group

The Judges are not impressed

Bonus if the judges say “I’m disappointed” or “I expected more”

Dance for Your Life

If your favorite dancer gets sent home, drown your sorrows and drain your glass.

Picking the Top Twenty

Take a shot/sip if:

The judges psyche out a contestant

A dancer with an entire back story gets sent home

A dancer the show spent no time on in auditions makes the top twenty (there’s always one)


If your favorite dancer makes the top twenty, drain your glass. WOO HOO! TOP TWENTY!