Top 16 Power Rankings

Is there ever going to be a right time to do eliminations? When there is no results show, they have to do what what’s need to make the show work. I’ll admit I like what they did this time around. Due to an injury Jade had to withdraw from the competition, so that gave Curtis and BluPrint a get out of jail free card. The girls on the other hand had to dance their solos. Jenna, Alexis, and Jasmine M all did great solos…my toes hurt just watching Alexis.

The opening number was a great collaboration by Sonya and Chris. Ok now on with the hard part trying to rank these dances.

Top 4

Makensie & Paul: What a way for a new choreographer to make a statement. The song itself, which I recognize from the musical RENT, sung by the insanely talented Indina Minzel (who played Maureen in RENT) was enough to give me goose bumps. Makensie and Paul dance beautifully. Paul is keeps surprising me, tonight with the amount of emotion he put into this piece. I think it’s safe to say that these two might be the dark horses of the show.

Malece & Marco: Marco stepped in and took Jade’s spot. I’m not sure what Sonya said to Malece but it seems we got to see what potential the Judges see in her. I hope she can keep this improvement up cause she was great last night.

Jasmine H. & Aaron: This Broadway routine felt like a throw back to the old Hollywood days. It really was so much fun to watch. These two are going to be around for a while. Jasmine and her legs for days. Aaron is starting to remind me of Gene Kelly, I’d love to see him recreated one of his dances.

Amy & FikShun: I just can’t thing of one negative thing about these two. The only thing that this paso needed was a little more fine tuning (cleaning).

Middle 3

Mariah & BluPrint: I loved seeing these two in their comfort zone. BluPrint’s personality is slowly starting to show…it just needs to happen faster.

Alexis & Nico: I agreed with most of what the judges said. It’s one of those dances I just like but I don’t have much to say about it.

Jenna & Tucker: Was’t feeling this as much as the Judges were, I do agree that this was more of a jazzy hip hop. I love Tucker and my eyes are usually on him. I not sure why but I just don’t care for Jenna all that much.

Bottom 2

Jasmine M & Alan: This dance need more quirkiness from both of the dancers. I saw it in Alan near the end but not sure if it is enough to keep him safe.

Hayley & Curtis: When it comes to the ballroom numbers I always pay attention to what Mary has to say. Curtis did need to be a bit stronger and truly lead his partner. I thought the gave it great effort and danced the samba as best as the could

So who will be in danger in two weeks(thanks Baseball All Star game). Boys Curtis, BluPrint and Alan. Girls Jenna, Hayley and Alexis.