Top 14 Power Rankings

After a week off, it’s time to get back to the competition. I have to say the only surprise of who was in the bottom 6 for me was Makensie. I thought for sure the judges would have saved her right away but they chose Jenna instead. I think I knew from the get go we were going to be saying goodbye to Mariah and BluPrint.


Jenna & Tucker: I agreed with the judges that we were reminded why he was nominated for a Emmy. It was just a beautiful dance and I felt like Jenna finally had a moment that connected with me. I sorta wish they didn’t tell us that they had only worked with their prop for a few hours. That being said it probably added to the dance.

Makensie & Paul: When Cat said they were doing hip hop and saw the costumes before the commercial break, my first thought was really? It was another fantastic Dave Scott hip hop. Paul continues to surprise me, he even surprised me with how good of an artist he is. I think Makensie is one of the best girls on the show so I’m not sure why she is being lost in the mix. Hopefully this will be a wake up call for her fans…you can’t just vote for Paul you have to vote for her too.

Amy & FikShun: Is there anything these two can’t do? I loved that Tyce allowed them to be creative with his choreography. I just loved the concept of the dance, even thought the genre was jazz, I could see some Broadway coming though too.

Middle 3

Jasmine H & Aaron: So they were the lucky couple that drew the dreaded quick step from the hat. Thankfully it didn’t turn out to be the kiss of death. I seem to find myself not liking Jasmine’s dress, I feel like it should have only had one slit.

Malece & Alan: overall I agreed with the judges on this one. I was a great dance but Malece had the attitude that goes with hip hop and Alan did not.

Hayley & Curtis: I have mixed thoughts about this one, I love the concept and thought they both danced it well. Curtis seemed to have the most criticism, mainly about keeping his shoulders down.

Bottom 2

Alexis & Nico: I was a great dance but if you are the first couple to dance and you are dancing Jive then you need to light up the stage like Tiffany and Benji did last season. However, like the judges said it wasn’t good enough to be remembered as the night went on.

Mariah & BluPrint: they only land here since they were eliminated but I wanted to give my thoughts about it. So happy to see Brian back and I loved what he choreographed. They danced it well but wasn’t enough to save them.

So who will be in trouble next week my guess is we will see Alexis, Hayley, Curtis, and Alan in the bottom. I’m not sure of the other two that might be in danger but it will probably surprise me.