SYTYCD: Season 10 Tour

Last night my mom and I went to see the top 10 on tour in Atlanta. We live a little over two hours aways so we left early enough to beat most of the Atlanta rush hour traffic (which isn’t much fun to drive in unless you are used to it). So that left us with a few hours to kill before the show. Luckily there was a mall near the venue, so we stopped there to stretch, shop, and eat dinner. What we didn’t expect was to run into FikShun, well we just happened to walk by him while he was talking to some other fans. Of course I had to go say hello and say that I enjoyed watch him this season. He really is a nice guy and he talked up the show saying the dances are better live (which is true). We told him that it is a tradition for my mom and I to watch the show together along with Dancing with the Stars. The mention of DWTS, FikShun mentioned that one of his cast mates will be on the show. I had to assume that he was talking about next season, but he didn’t say who, so it is one  of four dancers Brittany, Jenna, Alan or Paul. If I had to guess it might be Jenna. Who do you think it will be? Will they in the Troupe or a Pro?

Fast forward to 8 o’clock and we are in our seats at the Cobb Energy Performing Art Centre waiting for the show to start. Thankfully I had my program to look through to pass the time and discovered the alternates that were joining the tour. Alan, Malece, Curtis and Alexis were the 4 alternates. Normally there is only 2 alternates but with Aaron on tour how could you not include the other tap dancers. They kicked off the show with “Puttin’ on the Ritz” with the dancers entering through the audience. Then there was a welcome by the two winners Amy and FikShun, then it was non stop dance with a 15 minute intermission. Over all the show was amazing and I loved very minute of it. With the all stars not on tour it was fun to see who was chosen to fill in for the all star. Amy joined Jasmine for “Run the World” , Tucker filled in for Mark with that fun routine with Jenna (still love it even without Mark). Nico took Travis’s place in “Wicked Games” and I had though he might have bee the one to fill in for Robert in “Medicine” but it was Paul who has that honor. I’ll admit “Medicine” was not the same emotionally without Robert but still a wonderful dance. Curtis took Marko’s place in “Blurred Lines” and he was a lot of fun to watch during the whole show.

Something new they added to the show to help take up time while the dancers made quick changes they had some of the choreographers introduce their routines. Sonya, Mandy Moore, Spencer Lift, Stacey Tookey, Travis Wall, Tyce, and Chris Scott all introduced their dances. Chris Scott got the most laughs, sorta wish I got that part on video but I did manage to get the sand routine on video. The dance was made longer and added the girls to the mix to make it work for the tour. It is still one of my favorite group dances of the season. There was one duet that became a group number, the Bell Hop hip hop with Amy and FikShun. They other dancers were on stage during the routine and participated in some parts almost creating another dance. I saw almost all of my personal favorite dances last night with the exception of Nico and Haley’s Broadway to “Kiss of the Spider Woman” I really just wanted to see that lift in person. Also my opinions of some the dancers changed. It was nice to see Janna and Alan do several of the ballroom dances together.  So yes Jenna was more likable in person and it was easier to see why they judge kept her around.

The show closed with a group number to “Live it Up” and honestly I wanted to get up and dance with them. Also, I  didn’t want the show to be over. Now we had a little surprise at the end of the show the dancers came out for an extra bow and they had signs that read happy b-day Mom. Turns out it was Nico’s mom’s birthday. He had flowers and got her up on stage and they sang to her. Such a sweet moment to see.

Well my brian is kinda fried and I really don’t know what else I can say other than go see the tour if you can. If you have instagram you can see a few of my pics @alwaller516. For videos from this tour and past tours here is the link to my youtube  channel