Season 11 Premiere Thoughts

The new season of So You Think You Can Dance starts off with new opening titles. Personally, I think it’s about time they changed then because the other one was getting old. Another slight change for this season the dancers are no longer getting a ticket to Vegas. Vegas week had been moved to Los Angeles, not sure why but I’m sure you can tweet Nigel @dizzyfeet and he might answer with the reason. Although, I did feel bad for the one dancer that was celebrating saying “I’m going to Vegas!” and I’m not sure who told him that he wasn’t (they obviously were correcting him) but talk about a buzz kill. I’m mean just let them celebrate making it to the next round.

I wish I could post my timeline from twitter last night cause I loved seeing other past contestants thoughts and even some of the choreographers. It’s hard to keep track of all of the auditions but I did see a feel the stood out for me and two dancers I would put in my personal top 20.

New Orleans, LA: Guest Judge Wayne Brady

Shelby and her dad Mike: great dancer, I would like to see more or her. I not sure why but I love that the dads are so willing to get up there and dance. When he said bottle dance I wasn’t quite prepared for what happen next. Later he challenged another dad to a dance off…too funny

Tensha: She was the first of the ballroom dancers to audition without a partner. I enjoyed her solo but I would really like to see what she can do with a partner.

Anyone see the Degree commercial featuring Jasmine Harper?

Megan Marcano: From her story you knew she had a difficult time growing up but she never let her get her down. She could have easily done a solo that tugged at the heart-strings. Instead she did a fun quirky solo. I’d like to see her in the top twenty.

Trevor Bryce: Seriously loved this guy and I want him in the top 20. I sorta agree with Nigel that he had probably one of the best audition solos in the history of the show. Trevor was just fun and entertaining.

Caleb Brauner: I remember him from last season and if I remember correctly he made it to Vegas but was sent back home pretty quickly. So sad to hear about his dad, and when you hear stories like that you just want to cheer him on. Sad that he did make it past the choreography round.

Jacoby: Sure he wasn’t right for the show but I would take his Zumba class and love Wayne getting up there and showing off his moves.

Marquette and Brooklyn: Glad that Marquette came back. These two had a great chemistry. I hope they can do other styles of dance.


Chicago, IL: Guest Judge Jenna Elfman

I love Jenna as a judge and she gave great advice before the auditions started.

Nick and Rudy: I have to say their footage in Miami was cute. I wasn’t sure how good they would be and thankfully they were good. I was  also a bit surprised that they specialized in two different genres. Nick in latin ballroom and Rudy in contemporary.

No one else really stood out in the different montages.

Caleb came back for a second time and this time he succeeded in making it to the next round. Everything was better this time around.

Day 2 of Chicago will be continued next week.

The Dance Crews: The only problem I had was,  I wished they showed more of the dancing.

Poreotics and the Syncopated Ladies were up first. Poreotics I have seen before on America’s Best Dance Crew (I believe they won). The Syncopated Ladies got my vote last night, love that they are a tap crew.