LA and Philadelphia Auditions: Thoughts

Last night starts with day two of the Los Angeles auditions. Christina Applegate is back on the judging panel. Again LA didn’t dissapoint, another great day of auditions.

There were some great Ballroom dancers.

Surge and Alla: I liked the chemistry between to and enjoyed watching them dance. Now as for the status of their relationship…not so sure about.

Armen and Marlene: I loved these two as well. Marlene really caught my eye of the pair and I think she could go far on the show. 

There were a few other great couples that were shown in the montage. 

Casey: Finally we get to see another great contemporary guy. 

J4: Seriously this kid is too cute…his reaction to meeting Twitch was great.

Jourdan: Love the mixture of pointe and contemporary. 

Johnny Waacks: He was actually better than I thought he would be and glad he was able to male it through the choreography round. The only thing I suggest is this style gets a new name…the judges were having a little too much fun with it.

Philadelphia is the next stop in the auditions. Join the judges this time is ballerina Misty Copeland (day 1) and Broadway star and tony winner Billy Porter (day 2).

Bridget: Beautiful dancer and I know her dad would’ve been proud. 

Another montage of male dancers.

Amir: She isn’t the typical ballerina. I did enjoy her style.

Landon: Glad Jenna kept her promise to be his partner. He kept up with her and didn’t let her steal the focus. He gets a ticket to the next round. Also we find out Jenna will be an all star this season.

Shafeek: Glad he decided to come back and he has a better attitude. Agreed with the judges he shouldn’t hold back in his solo.

Stanley: Such a strong dancer. He will go far in this competition. 

James: aka Banks. I did enjoy the slow krumping. Hope he comes back next year.

The final stop of the first round of auditions is in Atlanta.