Atlanta Auditions: Thoughts

Filling two hours with just one city, makes for a long show with plenty of talent. Joining Nigel and Mary in Atlanta is Lil Buck and Jenna Dewan-Tatum.

Mariah and Kelly: Both of these ladies are great jazz dancers with plenty of facial expressions. The judges only called Kelly out on it as far as we know. However for me it was Mariah’s expressions that bothered me.

Erik “Silky”: I sorta remember him and the tapping. I did find it funny that Nigel had to stop him at the beginning of his solo to ask him a question about it.

Mr. Strange: A founding member of the Dragon House crew and a great animator. Maybe the third crew member to make it to the top 20.

Conrad: Proved that he can dance in a masculine way.

“Dynamic”: Fikshun’s best friend. Hated that he got cut. Hopefully he will come back next year and be able to handle the choreography. 

Brandon aka Sideshow: Anyone else notice BluPrint’s reactions to his former crew member (he tweet the had to let him go). It was like he was saying dude shut up. I really could go on about this guy but I’d rather give props to BluPrint and the rest of Dragon House for apologizing to Nigel and the judges for Sideshows attitude. 

Day 2 had two montages for both guys and girls. Also where I just stopped taking notes…opps. Day 2 only had a few standouts for me. 

Ricky and Marissa: both of them could easily be in the top 20. I agreed with what the judges said about Marissa.

Angelina and Christina: Both have brothers that were a part of their inspiration in dance.

Brandon “Crazy Legs”: he showed us what cranking is and had a great personality for the show but he wasn’t able to do the choreography. 

Jerrod and his son Kody: I waited the entire episode to see this kid dance. I felt bad that they woke him up just to dance. He really didn’t know what was going on but the music came on and he killed it. Then music cuts off and he is ready to go back to his nap…too cute.  Dad was a good dancer as well 


Next week we have the LA callbacks with 157 dancers and the top 20 will be revealed. Well that’s going to be a jammed packed episode.