Season 11: Top 20

After an always brutal call back week, we now know the Top 20 for season 11. I think the judge put together a great top 20, even if some of my favorites were let go. ┬áSo here’s the list let me know what you think.


Jessica Richens: Jazz

Jacque Le Warne:

Carly Blaney

Bridget Whitman

Valerie Rocky: Tap

Jourdan Epstien: Ballet

Emily James:

Tanisha Belnap: Ballroom

Marlene Ostergard: Ballroom

Brooklyn Fullmer: Ballroom


Ricky Ubeda: Contemporary

Teddy Coffey:

Stanley Glover: Contemporary

Emilio Dosal: Hip-Hop

Zack Everhart Jr.: Tap

Casey Askew:Contemporary

Nick Garcia: Ballroom

Surge Onik: Ballroom

Marcquet Hill: Ballroom

Rudy Abreu: Contemporary