Top 18 Power Rankings

Enjoyed the opening number from Josh Burgasse, gave me a flashback of a tap routine I did my senior year of high school. This was a preview of the choreography of the Broadway show “On the Town”, which is part of the prize for the winner this year.

I found myself more excited about the choreographers this time weather than the dancers. Maybe it was the partner switch, but I just was feeling for most of the performances. I also didn’t agree with the bottom six either but four out of the six seemed to redeem themselves where as Nick and Marlene did not, judges made the right call this week.

Top 4

Jacque and Zack: When I heard African Jazz and Sean Cheesman was involved I was already interested. This turned out to be the best routine of the night. Hair, make up, costumes, and concert were amazing. Jacque and Zack also performed this piece well.

Valerie and Ricky: Luckily they were one of the couples who did well with the switch up. Ricky is just amazing and to hear some of his training came from Desmond Richardson sort of surprised me and then eventually I thought well that makes sense. Valerie proved she can do things outside of just tap.

Carly and Surge: Carly was great last week and this week. Surge had to prove himself this week and to be honest I didn’t think he had to. He may no be the best at contemporary but he connected with the emotional aspect of the dance. Like the judges say all the time, Sonya knows how to get the best out of her dancers.

Brooklyn and Casey: Another great Argentine Tango from Miriam and Leonardo. How Casey ended up in the bottom I not sure other than maybe he is just easily forgotten. Brooklyn more than made up for her performance last week, and seem to prove that maybe her nerves got the better of her last week.

Middle 4

Emily and Teddy: I actually really enjoyed this and thought they both did a great job. Agreed that Emily should connect a little more with her partner first before focusing on performing for the audience.

Jourdan and Marcquet: Marcquet seems to be a very well-rounded dancer and I think he has a strong fan base. Jourdan I thought did a good job but I think she still has a lot to prove.

Tanisha and Rudy: I really didn’t find much wrong with this dance and I don’t think they will be in the bottom anytime soon. Rudy has a lot of room to grow and I think he will.

Bridgett and Emilio: This was in Emilio’s element and he did well but Bridgett wasn’t  believable. I think she could have been more hard-hitting.

Bottom 2

These two dances Nigel seemed to be a little too harsh on the dancers when it came to the Choreography, which isn’t their fault. I understand not liking the choreography but I at least will judge the dancers on how well they performed what was given to then. It’s ok to mention if you don’t like it but don’t go on and on about what was wrong with the  choreograph cause the last I checked the dancers don’t have any say in what is choreographed. So I’d wish they would critique the dancers and not the choreographers.

Nick and Jessica: It took others to say the song wasn’t right for the dance for me to realize that it was the song that was throwing me off. I thought they both did rather well but something seemed off. Jessica may be in danger next week but I don’t think she will go home jut yet.

Marlene and Stanley: Stanley is a great dancer but he had no connection with his partner and also seemed to out perform her…I don’t think he will be safe next week

Stanley and Jessica have a very good chance of being in the bottom but who will join them. I think we might see Bridgett, and Jourdan. As for the boys I’m a little more unsure of who might be there but I’m sure it will be a surprise.