Top 16 Performance thoughts

Great opening from Pharside and Phoenix from the crew Academy of villans.  Amazing costumes as well.

Misty Copeland is back on the judges panel and Nigel decided to sit in the middle. Can’t say I was too surprised by the bottom six.

Tonight’s show made up for last week’s show. Overall it was fun and entertaining. Anyone notice a song that was reused from a previous season. Tyce used the song Mosquito’s tweeter for his jazz number…which was used in season 8 for a tap with Jess and Nick.

Also looks like we have another SYTYCD couple in the making…Rudy and Jacque. It has work out so far with other couples, Twitch and Allison are married and Lauren and Dominic are still together.

Judge went with America’s bottom 2 this week. What are your thoughts?