Top 16: Power Rankings

This week’s show was thankfully better than last week’s. Plenty of great dances and some dancers proving why they deserve to stay on the show. Unfortunately we said goodbye to Jourdan and Stanley.

Top 6: Hard to choose where each of these rank but that’s what happens when it’s a good show.

Rudy and Tanisha: They were the closers of the show and quite possible had the best routine of the night. They even seem to get the short shoe steps right. My favorite broadway dance in a while. I’ll admit I was a little worried with the canes as props because they can easily be dropped.

Teddy and Emily: These two used the fact that they were in the bottom six to push to dance basically for their lives. Emily is always great when in her element and even Teddy did well.

Casey and Brooklyn: I’m really liking Bonnie Story this season, technique face loved that term. Casey was they star of the routine. Brooklyn did well but now she just has to step up her game to match Casey.

Zack and Jacque: Cat took the words right out of my mouth in comparing this to a NappyTabs routine, but I was thinking more of  “Mad” by Philip and Jeanine. I honestly like these types of hip hops just very smooth. I really like this partnership and thought they both did well.

Ricky and Valerie: I love the Viennese Waltz and Lacey choreographed a beautiful one. It’s great to see what they can do when the don’t have to follow DWTS rules. Add they fact she had great dancers to work with and you have memorable ballroom dance.

Emilio and Bridget: Both did surprisingly well with the jive for non ballroom dancers.

Bottom 3

Marcquet and Jourdan: I enjoyed the choreography but Marcquet needs to step it up a bit. Agree that there was just something missing with these two.

Surge and Carly: I like these two but this dance did help them much. I like the concept though. Just didn’t seem to fit them.

Stanley and Jessica:  I love Jessica but she needs to step in up if she wants to stay in the competition. I love Tyce’s concept and choreography though probably would have been better if another couple did the dance

Who’s my pick for the bottom six next week. I think we may see Surge, Carly, Marcquett,  and Jessica. The other two I’m not sure about.