Top 14 to Top 10: Thoughts

Another great show with a double elimination. Christina Applegate is back on the judges panel this week. She is my favorite guest judge, not only can she critique the dancers, she is also funny. The “I saw a lift, oh wait wrong show” line after the quickstep was fantastic. If you watch Dancing With the Stars, you know that she was kinda mocking Carrie Ann. Also her line about the guys costumes for the group number was quite funny too.

Anyways back to the show. I actually pretty much agreed with the bottom 6 with the exception of Carly. Thankfully they were able to do solos tonight. Teddy was my favorite solo of the night. Overall after all of the performances, I knew who the judges would most likely save and I was right.

At the end of the show we found out the All Star pairings. I’m just going to list the All Stars just in case of spoilers. Jenna, Chehon, Jasmine, Kathryn, Twitch, Lauren Froderman, Ade, Brandon, Amy, and Ryan.

I might do a little something different for power rankings since they annouced the All Star partners. So what are your thoughts?