New Judges for Season 12

Today SYTYCD announced that two new judges will be joining Nigel at the Judges table for the new season. Joining Nigel will be Jason Derulo and Paula Abdul. I’m feel okay with these two as judges. I enjoyed Jason on the show last season, as for Paula, I’m surprised it has taken them this long to get her to be on the show as more that a guest judge.

However, I’m not sure what this means for Mary or any of the other judges. They really didn’t go into that much detail other just state the facts of Jason and Paula’s careers and achievements. The format (Stage vs Street) seems to be part the reason for adding new judges, which makes sense. I sent a tweet out to Nigel to see if we will see any of the other regular judge this season but I haven’t heard back just yet. I think we will see some of our favorite guest judges during the season and maybe some of the choreographers being a judge. When it come to the street dancing I would like to see Chris Scott as a judge.

You can find the article on the SYTYCD Facebook page or over at the Fox website. Also the dates for the auditions are listed and they begin this weekend in New York.