Memphis and Dallas Auditions

First off I would like to say Congratulations to Cat Deeley, for winning the Critics Choice award for best Reality TV Show Host. Maybe the Emmy’s will take notice this year.

There was a whole lot of information to take in the first three minutes of the show. I have found an Interview with Nigel that explains a little more of what we can expect this season and I’m working on a post that will be up later this week.

Lets start with the Judges. Obviously without Mary Murphy the show doesn’t seem the same and let’s be honest no one can replace her. I’m thinking it may take another episode for me to really warm up to this panel of judges but they seem to have great chemistry so far.Paula for me has always been better suited for judging this show compared to Paula. She got a case of the giggles at one point but not sure what caused them. I loved how she just picked up the phone and called Richard Simmons to tell him about Kiosh. Jason is definitely the laid back one of the bunch, but leave it to Nigel to put him on the spot several times tonight. Jason got a little tongue-tied trying to find the right words to say when it came to the acts that weren’t his thing. His impromptu performance of Talk Dirty probably made those kids day.


Memphis had some talent and some characters show up to the auditions. Day two had some technical difficulties when the power went out in downtown Memphis due to a fire. So happy they were able to find a generator so the dancers could audition. By the end of the auditions, 23 dancers from team stage and 20 dancers from team street move on to the next round in Vegas.

Standouts…I at least got the first names of the dancers written down.

Team Stage: Peyton and Jordan (Jo Jo)
Team Street: Andre Rucker and Ladia Yates. Courtney Barnes makes his return and yes he is an entertaining character but not right for the show.


Dallas from what I can tell had more team stage standouts. Hard to really see talent in a montage but it helps with the timing of the show. Anyways, moving on to Vegas are 20 dancers from team stage and 17 dancers from team street.


Team Stage: Guillermo, Jaclyn Hamrick, Lily Leyva and Edson
Team Street: Steven Ban (Nerdy Hip Hop) and Vishonda Sims
Total # of dancers through to Vegas: Team Stage: 43 Team Street: 37

So what are your thoughts? Are you team stage or team street?