New York Auditions

New York wraps up the first round of auditions, before Vegas week. Thankfully, there was some more diversity in which auditions we saw. Even saw a few of the bad auditions, not sure why I thought the breaker ballet guy was going to be good.  We were treated with a little preview of Vegas week. Even with the format change, Vegas is still going to be an intense week.


Alexia Meyer: Great dancer. What I loved about her was her musicality. She had movements that went with certain beats of the song.

Ryan Raffloer: His mom forced him to dance, too funny. Great solo for a ballroom dancer. Definitely, saw the Dmitry reference and maybe the attitude of Neil Haskell.

Darious Drooh: Loved seeing him and he friend dance the choreography from Paula’s Cold Hearted Snake music video.


Virgil Gaston: His smile did remind me of FikShun. He has also put in a lot of work since his audition in season 8. I can see him in the top 10 stage dancers.

Korey Cleveland: Honestly, even though I thought he was good, I really want to see him give that 90 day chip to Nigel.

Justin Ballasy: The first example of a style that could go towards either street or stage. Justin is an amazing tapper/hoofer but I agree with the judges that he need to work on his musicality.


Final total of dancers moving on to Vegas 219. Street: 105  Stage: 114

Side note: Great to see an update on season 11 winner Ricky. I tried to spot him at the Tony Awards but had no luck.