Vegas Week: Part One

First off let me just start out by saying that the next round of auditions are back in Las Vegas, besides Vegas Week is more fun to say. With the format change I was somewhat unsure as to what to expect from this week. I do like that they kept the teams separated and it seemed to allow the dancers a little more time to rest…well if they were actually able too. Travis and tWitch join the judges to see their team for the first time. While they don’t have a say in who stays or goes, they can offer the judges there input.

ROUND 1: One minute solos.
One minute really isn’t enough time to really show what you got, so the dancers needed to have their A game ready. The static thing going on with the sound while trying to watch this first part.

ROUND 2: Choreography

Team Stage is up first and they get to learn a contemporary piece from their own mentor Travis Wall. Since it was Travis’s choreography, he seemed to act more as a judge.

Team Street takes on the choreography of Jamal Sims. Here’s where things get a little rough. Many of the street dancers are freestyle and have never tried to learn choreography. So the first round was almost a blood bath…well for the guys anyways. The girls out shined many of the guys and began to agree with tWitch, that his team could be made up of all girls, Nigel, definitely lit a fire under them with some tough love.

Round 3:

Team Stage had an hour to learn a tough Broadway routine from “On The Town” choreographer Josh Bergasse. Things start to fall apart for team stage. We also saw the first injury to take a dancer out of the competition and that’s just heartbreaking.

Team Street worked with one of my favorites Dave Scott. A much better day that the first. Loved seeing tWitch being a mentor and helping the contestants ease their nerves, and it’s also fun to watch his reactions while watching the dancers.

At the end of part one 36 Stage, 38 Street dancers remain. Next week we continue with the last two rounds, which includes the dreaded group round.By the end of the episode the top 20 will be revealed.