Top 6 to Top 4: Thoughts

Tonight we learn who the top 4 finalist will be and one step closer to the end of the season. Last week team stage took back over the lead for votes. Travis’s reaction was priceless. Okay so normally I take notes during the show and then re watch anything I need a second look at to get a better opinion. Of course the on time I decide to just enjoy the show, my DVR doesn’t record the show, so I’m doing this on memory…so I may not remember all of the choreographers.

Gaby & Marko: Ray Leeper (Jazz)
I like what Ray did here, just going with a dance that focuses on the technique rather than a story. I’m not sure I agree with what the judges said cause I thought Gaby did a great job.

Jaja & Alex: Tessandra Chavez
This was easily the best dance of the night. I think one of Jaja’s best qualities is the ability to capture the character of the dance.

Megz & Joshua: Chris Scott
I love seeing Joshua back on stage. It’s always good to see Megz in her element. Don’t really have much else to say about this other than overall it was a fun routine.

Jim & Anya: Dmitry (Samba)
So excited to have Dmitry and Anya back. I thought Jim did a fantastic job considering that the samba is on of the hardest of the ballroom dances to learn. I did see how the ballet training did hold him back a little but not much.

Virgil & Melanie: Justin Giles
Virgil is another dancer that is able to capture the character of the dance. I think this was Virgil’s best contemporary dance and dancing next to the beast that is Melanie Moore is a tall order and he held his own.

Hailee & Robert: Nick Flores and RJ Durell
Love how giggly Hailee was around Robert…I imagine I would probably feel the same if I had the chance to dance with him. I liked how this dance started out almost like a contemporary and then morphed into a jazz.

Gaby & Jim: Josh Bergasse (Broadway)
I wanted to like this routine but the chemistry just wasn’t there, even though they dance the routine well.

Hailee & Megz: Stacey Tookey
I did like the concept of the dance. This is one of those dances that I just need to watch again.

Virgil & Jaja: Pharside andPheonix
Such a fun Alice in Wonderland theme. I thought Paula made a great point about the music not lending to the energy of the dance. Still a great dance though.

Top 4 reveal: Hailee, Jaja, Gaby and Virgil