SYTYCD: The Next Generation LA Auditions

There is a lot of young talent out there and honestly I’m glad that SYTYCD has decided to share it with us. First off I enjoyed the new intro for the show, but still missed the so you think you can dance at end. How else am I supposed to know when the show is starting or back from commercial.

Los Angeles is the first stop on the audition process. Like before the dancers perform in front of the judges to move on to the next round. So instead of a ticket to Vegas, they get a ticket to the Academy. I’m not sure what exactly what the academy will be like but I have an idea. Then the All Stars have the task of picking who will be on their team.

I can honestly say that these kids have impressed me…lots of talent in many genres of dance. Their personalities are great too and add in embarrassing parents usually leads to entertainment.

Hard to pick out a favorite just yet, but I did enjoy the ballroom dancer Lev and the tap dancer Ava.