Chicago Auditions Thoughts

I have to admit I like the hour long audition shows compared to the two hour shows. Everything seems to move quicker and with LA, Chicago, and New York being the only stops, it makes sense that the show is only an hour. Also, I like that the parents and other family members are seated on the stage to support the dancer. The montage of family interviews and dynamics are cure.

This weekend I was lucky enough to be around some talented young dancers at a local dance studio’s annual recital. Between that and tonight’s episode it is evident to me that technique, flexibility, and discipline can be taught at a young age. Flexibility in particular is something that is best started at an early age. I watch these auditions and thinks some of these dancers have rubber bands for muscles.

Here are some of the dancers that I liked tonight.

Emma 10: Tap, Those were some clean, crisp and fast moving taps. I honestly think she could keep up with some of the other tap dancers that have been on the show in the past. Emma is like younger version of Gaby Diaz (Season 12 winner)

Leanna 10: Ballroom. I love seeing the young ballroom dancers do the jive, since they have the energy for it. I also hope this is what we might see when the top ten get to dance with the All Stars. Something that is appropriate for the situation.

Ainsley 8: She may not have gotten a ticket to the Academy but she was just too cute. Plus that face she made when she was told she might have to dance with BOYS…haha.

Daniela: Ballroom, Ballroom solos are hard but Daniela took the opportunity to show that she is also trained in some other styles. The saying like Mother, like Daughter is true for her and her mom.

I you missed any of the auditions or want to rematch them subscribe to the SYTYCD youtube page