SYTYCD: Season 14 Thoughts on Who will be Safe from Elimination

Let me start off by saying a true rankings post isn’t my strong suit…probably because I don’t like doing them. They just fell into my lap when I became the only blogger on this site. So I decided to do something new a post on who will be safe, who might be safe and who is in danger of going home. This will just my opinion of how well I think each of the top ten performed last night.

Taylor: From the moment I saw her standing on Robert’s shoulders, I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. Taylor and Robert’s connection is the reason this dance worked so well and managed to get a standing ovation from the judges last night. I’ll admit I really didn’t take notice of her right away but after last night I’ll be l paying closer attention to her. I hope that we will get to know Taylor better next week.

Mark: What can I saw other than Mark was born to be a performer. Just watching him being a ham while the judges we giving Comfort and him their critiques, kept me entertained. While his personality will help him make it far in the competition, hopefully his dancing will also prove why Mark will be around for a while in this competition.

Lex: The only dancer to perform a dance that isn’t his defined strong suit. I agree with Nigel, Lex is a great all around dancer and technician. Hopefully we will see more of his personality come through in the next few weeks. If he is able to connect with the audience Lex has a real chance to win.

Dassy: I just really enjoy watching her dance and she was able to keep me watching her and not pay too much attention to FikShun. Looking forward to seeing what else Dassy can do…I think her sass will go well with a fun Broadway number.

Might be safe
Logan: I’m pretty sure Logan will be safe because he did have a good performance and was able to adapt quickly to a new partner. That being said with Allison being injured, the audience didn’t get to see what kind of connection they had together. It might have been what was missing from his performance. I hope Allison will be back next week.

Koine: I think Koine and Marko will be a great duo on this show. I thought she danced beautifully but at the end on the night this just landed in the middle for me. It was good but not great. I do think they will be safe and hopefully will impress the next week.

Robert: I’ve liked Robert since his first audition. I’m really hoping he will be able to keep up with Jasmine when it comes to other styles.

In danger
Kaylee: I almost feel like Nigel’s comments, especially if the viewing audience took it to heart, could put her in danger. I tend to side with Mary and Vanessa when it comes to Kaylee. She is a unique dancer and I think Vanessa was right by saying Kaylee needed more weightlessness to her dancing. So her challenge will be to know when not to be so grounded.

Kiki: I don’t actually think Kiki will be the first to leave the competition because he is a great ballroom dancer. However, Jenna very easily can steal you focus from him. Kiki’s biggest challenge is to out dance Jenna in the other styles they may face.

Sydney: I just don’t think Sydney was memorable enough. I’ve watched the dance back a few times and still can’t quite figure out what was missing for me. Maybe there wasn’t enough pizzaz in her performance.

Someone will be the first to leave the competition next week, and I’m not sure who it will be. My biggest advice that I would give to all of the contestants is to dance from the heart and like it’s the last time they will be on the SYTYCD stage.