SYTYCD: Who’s Safe and Who’s in Danger

I felt like everyone in the Top 9 had a good performance this week…so it’s kind of hard to figure out who might be in danger of going home next week.

Taylor: Currently, she is the one to beat so far. I enjoy watching her dance and the partnership with Robert will only get stronger. I’m looking forward to seeing her dance some other styles.
Koine: I felt like she had the best dance of the night…or at least the most interesting. I don’t see her going home anytime soon.
Kaylee: Thankfully Nigel’s comments last week didn’t affect people voting for her. I thinking Kaylee could be a fan favorite, so I don’t think she’ll be in the bottom 3 unless they just have a bad week.

Most likely safe
Lex: I’m sure Lex is safe but sometimes the ballroom dances don’t go over well with the at home audience. We also got to at least see his solo in his own style.
Sydney: Close call for Sydney this past week but thankfully this week her performance was much better. With this dance being emotional, I think she will have enough votes to keep her safe next week.

Could go either way
Mark: This was a case of the choreography being kind of blah…well for me. I did think Mark had the best solo of the night. I hope that he will be safe.
Dassy: I really hope I’m wrong, cause I think she’s so cute.

In Danger
Kiki: Even though Kiki was able to get into character…I just don’t feel enough grit for a hip hop.
Logan: I was a bit surprised that he ended up in the bottom 3. Logan is a great dancer but there is just something missing that I haven’t quite figured it out.

Looking forward to next week. Who will be the next to go home?