SYTYCD: Safe or In Danger, Plus Tour Thoughts


Sorry this is a little late and short but I’ve had a busy week.

I think it’s fair to say that all of the top 8 had good performances Monday night. I been wracking my brain on who I think will be in the bottom 3 but I’m still kind of stumped. I honestly think despite the judges comments, I think Taylor will be safe. Also, I believe that Koine, Mark, Logan, and Lex will be safe. Kiki could go either way for me but he did have a good night so I’m going to say that he is safe. So that leaves Kaylee and Dassy that could be in danger. Anyone else have any guesses?

In other news the tour is back…which is exciting to me. I’ve been every year they have had a tour and I always have a good time. Joining the top 10 on tour will be all-stars Jasmine and Marco. I not sure if any of the all-stars will be touring but it could be a possibility depending on who wins the show. If you haven’t gone to a live show…you should check it out. The tour info is up at and tickets go on sale tomorrow.