SYTYCD: Who Will be on the Top 4

Season 14 of SYTYCD is quickly coming to an end and I am not quite ready for it to be over. Hopefully, there will be another season and maybe if we nag the network enough they will go back to the top 20 format. Anyway, back to this season, next week there is a double elimination to reveal the top 4.

There are three contestants that I am sure will be in the top 4. Taylor, Lex, and Logan are my top three and I think that it’s possible that any of them will be this season’s winner. As for the other three contestants, I think it will be close call of who will take the remaining spot, cause they are all deserving of spot in the top 4.

Koine: For me she has the best chance to make the top 4. Koine started off as a bit of a dark horse in the competition but I think she has become a favorite of the viewing audience. I also really like the partnership between her and Marko.

Kiki: If Kiki is the one that makes it to the top 4, he will be the first ballroom dancer to make it that far since season 2. Several have made it to the top 6 but none have made to the finals since Heidi and Benji. Kiki has improved since the academy and I think his fan base is bigger that I realize. Judging by the studio audience the girls like him.

Kaylee: I think that Kaylee is deserving of a spot in the top 4…she is a talented dancer that has learned of to fuse different styles of dance successfully. She is unique, while that is a good thing, it can also be a bad thing. Nigel said it the best that Kaylee won’t be everyone’s “cup of tea”.

Those are my thoughts on who will make it to the finale. What are yours?