SYTYCD: LA Auditions Part 2

I honestly don’t know what happen to my broadcast of the show last night but I missed the last two auditions. I just had a test screen up for at least ten minutes and of course started working again when the news interrupted. Thanks to the internet I could watch the last two auditions. Also, realizing that I do miss the choreography round mainly for those dancers that are good but their solos aren’t all that great.

Tessa: I really liked her and is the first person that I had the thought she could be in the top 20. I also think the choreographers would love her.

Jay Jay: After being cut during academy week last season, he booked the Shaping Sound tour. Working with Travis Wall has paid off and can see the boost of confidence in him. Hopefully, it will also help him make it through academy week this season and maybe even the top 20.

CJ Butler: Such a heartbreaking story and I thought he might get a ticket to the academy. However, that wasn’t the case but it just shows how healing having an outlet like dance is, and love that the judges took the time to comfort him. Who know with a little bit of polish he could make it through next season.

Nicole Clonch: Has been Season 2 winner Benji’s competitive partner for the last three years. She must trust him a lot because those lifts and tricks were insane…she wasn’t kidding about becoming a human pretzel. I have looked up some of their routines to get a bit more of the dancing and not just the tricks. I feel like the judges asking what else she has trained was to help make their decision on whether or not to send her though to the academy. I personally loved that she said tap(even if it’s only a little bit) cause it’s a favorite of Nigel’s.

I hope for the New York auditions next week there won’t been anything from preventing me from watching the show.