SYTYCD: New York Auditions Part One

Plenty of familiar faces that were close to making last season returned for another chance at making it to the live shows.

Emily Carr: She set the bar high for the first audition of the night. I love that she is following in her sister’s footsteps when it comes to dance. While I can understand why the judges asked why Emily’s sister wasn’t auditioning, I just feel like they were overshadowing the person that is actually auditioning.

Evan DeBenedetto: Lex beat him out for the spot on Gaby’s team…which I know was a hard choice. So I wasn’t surprised to see him back or the judges comments. I think this is his year as well and we will see Evan in the Top 20.

Rachael Blanchard: I feel like sending her to the academy was a see if she would sink or swim moment for her. I think if anything the academy will help Rachael grow as a dancer and become better at the things she was lacking.

Kyle Bennett Jr: In FikShun’s final two last season. I always fun to see Twitch fired up over a good hip hop audition. I just enjoyed watching Kyle dance and I’m with Nigel if he can do other style he will shine this season.

Victoria Neukum: Nigel has me worried for a minute…I honestly didn’t think he would want to send her to the academy. Though I agree that the gymnastics are great but she does need to more dancing in her solos.

Desislava and Gratsiela Sandeva: While these twin sisters were not strong enough for the show but they were entertaining. I also think the had a great attitude.

Next week wraps up the New York auditions and the initial audition round. Then it will be time for the Academy week.