SYTYCD: New York Auditions Part 2

Last night was the final episode of the preliminary auditions leading up to the Academy. Maybe it’s just me but I did feel this episode had a more diverse style of dance being shown. Also, I am thankful that the storm that was happening in my area last night didn’t take out my satellite feed during the show.

Up first was Andrew and Melany: I glad they didn’t listen to the company they were apart of because they are great partners for each other. I really liked there vibe they had and not surprised that Melany made the hot tamale train.

Mika: I’m with the judges…I didn’t care for the choice of “music”. I like dance that is done to spoken word but only if the movement matches what’s being said. Nigel is such a softie didn’t have the heart to tell her no, especially when dance is helped her with deal with he medical condition.

Kory: I had hoped that he would have been better than he was, and that he would have done a jazz solo with some broadway influences.

Brianna: My favorite tap audition of this season so far. I love that it was more jazzy (Nigel’s words) compared to the others. I also like she was light on her feet.

Arcadian: First off love that he had the support of Artistic Director of the Orlando ballet. Loved him and was more of a contemporary ballet. I agree with Nigel, I enjoy that precision stop after so many turns. He has what it takes to go far in the competition.

Bridget: Not sure why but she was reminding me of Kaylee from last season. Glad she did give up the passion of dancing. I loved watch the guys reaction in her reel when she did something impressive.

Ryan: I don’t remember him from season 12 but I would say he has improved, well according to Twitch. There is just something about this type of hip hop that is just so enjoyable to me. Just the amount of control they have is impressive. The look on Twitch’s face when Nigel asked Ryan if he battles…I take any excuse to see Twitch dance.

Next week starts Academy and the competition to make it to the Top 20 really begins.