SYTYCD: Academy Week Part Two

In this episode, the contestants faced three more rounds of the competition, Contemporary, a group production number, and another solo round. In the end the top 20 was revealed but with a twist, that I know I did see coming.

Contemporary: Travis Wall
I really like Travis’s approach to his round of the competition. He gave the dance the outline of the choreography and the shapes he wanted them to make. Basically he allowed the dancers to interpret his choreo in their own way. Also, giving out advice to the those that are out of their element…to find away to standout.
Cole Mills: This ballroom dancer continued to standout for the rest of the episode.
Tessa Dalke: Faltered again…not really sure why. I think it is possible that the judges call her their favorite at the beginning of Academy, may have jinxed her for the rest of the competition.
Travis said it the best pressure can crack people, and this round we saw another 8 dancers cut.

Group Production Round: Mandy Moore
This is something new for this season and I have to say I really liked this idea. It worked so much better than what group round use to be. The dancers learned the group section first before splitting into smaller groups in their own genre. Each group learned choreo from Mandy and create an 8 count of choreo as a group. I think the dance looked great but for 6 dancers it was the end of the round.

Solos part two: For the most part most of the solos seemed to be good minus one that just fell flat.

Top 10 Guys: Jay Jay, Cole, Justin, Slavik, Peyton, Dustin, Evan, Kyle, Darius, and Allen.

Top 10 Girls: Genenssy, Magda, Jensen, Stephanie, Dayna, Sydney, Brianna, Chelsea, Emily, and Hannahlei.

Now here’s the twist only TEN are moving on to the live shows. Next week each dancer will be paired with an all-star to learn a routine that is outside of the strongest genre to perform for the judges. So who will make it to the ten…I have a few guess but looking forward to the next round and hopefully we will get to see most of the dances.