SYTYCD: Top 5 Guys Revealed

This week it was the guys turn to prove they have what it takes to make the top 5. I think that the judges had a harder time deciding on the top guys. The more I thought about it, I agreed with Nigel that their performance in this episode tipped the scale with in the favor or not. All-Stars included Allison, Chelsie, Comfort, Lauren, and Jamie.

Evan DeBenedetto: Contemporary with Allison
I loved this dance and I hope that we more contemporary choreography from Brian. Anyway back to Evan, he definitely left it all on the dance floor. I also feel that he was able to tap into the emotion of the piece.

Jay Jay Dixonbey: Cha-Cha with Chelsie
I was a bit worried for Jay Jay but I am glad he made the top 5. I think he had the better of the two cha-chas of the night. I also like how Elena found ways to include his strengths into the cha-cha

Cole Mills: Contemporary with Jamie
I agree with Travis that Cole will be a force to be reckoned with in this competition. I enjoyed watching him dance style outside of his comfort zone but I look forward to seeing him do ballroom.

Darius Hickman: Hip hop with Comfort
Well hello personality…it was a perfect combo that brought out his silly side. Darius wasn’t really on my radar when it came to who would be in the top 10/5…he had the talent but I was missing the connection. However, after this dance I’ll be paying more attention to this guy.

Slavik Pustovoytov: Jazz with Allison
Slavik filled the last spot for the guys and it hurt to see the other hip hop guys go. This dance was hot…his chemistry with Allison was amazing. Plus the dancing was great too and at the end to the day Slavik, out shined the other two guys.

Next week the live shows begin and Twitch will be back at the judges table.