SYTYCD: Season 15 Finale Winner Announced

I figures it’s time for the big finale and it storms and takes out the satellite signal. Thankfully, it was only out for about ten minutes and it was in the first hour of the show. So, I did miss some of the judge favorite dance picks. Anyways the opening number was fantastic and love watching the dancers dance for the joy of it and no pressure of the competition.

Many of my favorites were performed again last night and some even had some new surprises that I loved. Also a new dance created just for Evan to show off his tap dance skills. Evan and Lex were definitely a highlight for me last night…that tap was amazing. Two of Luther Brown’s group numbers had a few more dancers added to it. “Bump” Magda and Chelsea joined the top three girls in this fun number. However, it was “Juice” that added dancer that I didn’t quite expect. I should have seen Twitch coming…not a finale without getting him to dance. When Nigel joined in on the fun at the end it just made me smile.

Results and their favorite dance
4th: Slavik- He chose “Round & Round” hip hop with Genessy. I always liked that he tried his best with every style that was thrown at him.

3rd: Genessy- She chose he break out contemporary routine “Be Brave” with Lex. Genessy definitely proved to Nigel that she was worthy of a spot in the top 10 and in the top 3.

2nd: Jensen- I loved that she chose “Cookin” a hip hop as he favorite. I like that they added the fun little twist of pulling out Mandy’s Emmy at the end. I look forward to seeing watch the future holds for Jensen…perhaps we will see her on DWTS with her sister Lindsay.

WINNER- Hannahlei: I didn’t get to see her pick, but judging for the inter webs I figured it out. Hannahlei chose her duet with Marco that was choreographed by Robert.

My final thoughts.

Overall, I was happy with the outcome. Hannahlei and Jensen were my top 2. Cat did mention that it was the closet vote in the shows history. Which makes me wonder just how close it was. Love that the contestants are always happy for whoever wins. Look forward to see the tour in the fall.