SYTYCD: Judges Auditions Part 2

While I don’t mind hour episodes of the Judges auditions, but there is just a lot of information to take in. However, it’s another episode of great dancing with dancers that have potential of making it further in the show. Still loving the addition of D-Trix and Laurieann to the panel.

Sumi Oshima: Much like last week, the show starts with a strong female hip hop dancer. Starting to see more advice from the Judges…I agree with Laurieann I hope she can take her energy and fight she has with hip hop and apply it to other styles.

Caroline De La Rocha: Love Mary’s advice about her dad and I hope he comes around. While she is a great dancer, she lacks a bit of control but maybe it was just a case of nerves. Caroline has a second chance to prove herself at the academy.

Samuel and Koa Sweetser: Up first in 2-year-old Koa and he is definitely following in he dad’s footsteps. I mean seriously how cute was Koa. Dad is up next and D-Trix is on board and so am I. Also,I like that he isn’t afraid to take on the other dance styles.

Gianna Newborg: It’s the 16th season of the show and Gianna found creative way to grab the judges attention with a creative audition. I actually enjoyed that she went with the story telling part of dance…it separates her from the rest of the contemporary dancers.

Nazz Sldryan and Stefen Yeritsyan: I would have never guessed that they have been dancing together for only two months…had the not told us. I am also not surprised the made it on the hot tamale train.

“Korra” Obidi Dean: She is a Nigerian princess…that just happens to be pregnant. While it’s obvious as to why she doesn’t make it through to the academy, it’s clear that the judges would like to see her come back. So would I and would love to see her work with Sean Cheesman.

Kaeli Ware and Brandon Talbott: A contemporary ballet duo that have been dancing together since they were young. I think I would have preferred to see them audition separately because then I wouldn’t have to split my attention between dancers. Thankfully they wowed the judges and we will see more of them.

What are your thoughts…any favorites?