SYTYCD: Judges Auditions Part 3

Part three of the Judges auditions was just as impressive as the other two. I do wish they showed a little bit more of those contestants that were returning, like Jay Jackson but I’m sure we will see more of him during Academy week.

Bailey Munoz:”Bailrok” I’m always somewhat impressed by b-boys especially when they make their tricks look effortless. I like his energy and think we will see that continue into the next round. Partnering should be interesting since he is only 5 feet but they won’t pair him with someone around his same height.

Luke Romanzi: His audition had more of a modern dance type of feel to me, but I felt like it was missing something. After being cut from Juilliard and then appearing on TV, I need Luke to really show them what they missed out on.

Jordynn & Elan Lurie: I remember felling so bad for them last season when they were cut because a trick went a little wrong. They definitely deserve a do over.

Maria Babineau: I would have never guessed that she was that kind of dancer. Also, for being self-taught by watching YouTube videos…she’s not bad. That being said I don’t think she is ready for what the rest of the show is about.

Sophie Pittman: I think I liked her more than the judges did, but I do understand what they wanted from her emotionally. I like that they decided to give Sophie another chance and hopefully she will find away to dance form her heart.

Frank Crisp Jr: His personality and energy immediately made me like him. Might have jut been me but he seemed a little bit rusty but still impressed by him. I look forward to seeing “Ghost” more during Academy week.

Lauren Luteran: She is the definition of dancing like there is no tomorrow. Living with Cystic Fibrosis can’t be easy not to mention dancing. Lauren made it some how look effortless and I hope she inspires more with the same disease to loving their life to the fullest.