STYTCD: Season 16 Judges Auditions Part 5

It was the final night of the Judges auditions and another night of great dancing. Plus, some inspirational stories and a preview of the Academy.

Andrew Avila & Melany Mercedes: I enjoyed seeing the street style of salsa and those tricks were fun to watch. I am however more drawn to her as a performer.

Michael Sales: At the age of 15 he was ranked as one of the top 100 b-boys. That first jump trick was impressive. It might just be me but I feel like we’ve seen more b-boys this season.

Mariah Russell: I agree with Lauriann’s comments, she had a slow build to get to the heart of her routine. Mariah is a great dancer, she just needs to use her story to give more power to her movement.

Phoebe Kochis: Her story just made me happy and I hope she has inspired others like herself, teaching them they can do anything. It was incredibly sweet that Nigel invited her as his guest to the academy. It will be a fantastic opportunity for Phoebe just to be able to experience and enjoy.

James Cody: He previously auditioned in Season 10, 11, & 12…I don’t remember him though. That being said I hope that he puts in the work and makes it through academy week.

Maia Bliudnika: I can see how he name is always mispronounced and the same can be said about many of the contestants. According to Mary she had a perfect audition. I not sure if I would agree on the perfect part but she was good.

Eddie Hoyt: He was a favorite of mine that didn’t quite make it and it seems like he was a favorite of Nigel’s as well. Eddie put his heart and soul into his audition and even had the judges tearing up. Then he blows everyone’s mind when he said he improved that!

Looking forward to what the Academy has in store for this season and hopefully give me more of an idea of who will eventually make the top 10 for Season 16.