SYTYCD: Academy Week Top 20 Reveal

Monday night’s episode began with the continuation of the contemporary round, where a few more tough cuts were made. Including Jarrod Tyler Paulson but of course he is still supporting the girlfriend. 43 dancers survived the cuts to move on to the group round with Mandy Moore. Mandy came up with something different for this round. She took the choreography they had already learn and mixed it up and put it to a new song. The dancers also were split up into smaller groups for certain parts and could definitely see the stress of the competition starting to get to them.

After the group round came the final solo round…the last chance for the dancers to prove they should be in the top 20 and move on to the final cut. Gino, Sumi, Bailey, and Eddie had the featured solos for this episode. Eddie’s choice of footwear must have thrown him off his game since the strap came undone at the beginning of the dance. The top 10 girls and guys were finally revealed and consisted of 7 ballroom, 6 contemporary, 5 hip hop, and 2 tap dancers.

Top 10 Girls                                                           Top 10 Guys

Ashley Sanchez (Ballroom)                                  Bailey Munoz (B-Boy)

Anna Linstruth (Hip hop)                                      Brandon Talbot (Contemporary Ballet)

Sofia Ghavami (Ballroom)                                     Benjamin Castro (Contemporary)

Nazz Slydryan (Ballroom)                                     Ezra Sosa (Ballroom)

Madison Jordan (Contemporary)                        Vlad Kvartin (Ballroom)

Stephanie Sosa (Ballroom)                                  Nathan Cherry (Hip hop)

Sumi Oshima (Hip hop)                                        Aleksander Ostanin (Tap)

Mariah Russell (Contemporary)                          Gino Cosculluela (Contemporary)

Melany Mercedes (Salsa)                                    Bryan “Clocks” Volozanin (Hip hop)

Sophie Pittman (Contemporary)                         Eddie Hoyt (Tap)

Looking forward to seeing the contestants paired with an All Star next week and to see who will make the final cut to be in the Top 10 and move on to the live shows. I have a few guesses and curious to see if I am right.