SYTYCD: Top 10 Dancers

Over the past two episodes we got to see the top 20 perform with an all-star, to earn a spot in the top 10. Also, each contestant danced outside their comfort zone. Overall I thought most of them did well and there are a few(Nazz and Nathan) I hope come back next season(if there is one). Watching the performances did make me rethink some of my thoughts on who would be in the top 10. I had the hardest time trying pick which guys would make, cause I had 6 of them on my list. As always it reminds me that I am glad I am not a judge and don’t have to make the difficult decisions.

Top 5 Girls: Anna Linstruth, Madison Jordan, Stephanie Sosa, Mariah Russell, and Sophie Pittman

Top 5 Guys: Bailey Munoz, Benjamin Castro, Ezra Sosa, Gino Cosculluela, and Eddie Hoyt