SYTYCD: Top 10 to Top 8

*Rain & satellite tv don’t go well together missed who went home and had to wait till spoilers on the inter webs posted.

Okay can we just hand Travis Wall another Emmy…seriously though that opening number was incredible. It also had a powerful message and I look forward to seeing it on the tour. Last night each couple got the chance to dance again and a bottom four was revealed and the judges decided which two to save. 

Gino & Stephanie: Jive, Emma & Sasha

A high energy performance with plenty of personality. An improvement from last week. The judges enjoyed it and so did I. I almost didn’t recognize Gino with his hair done.

Eddie & Sophie: Contemporary, Travis Wall

This piece was had a lot of partner work and Eddie stepped up and was there for Sophie. It was nice to see Eddie improve compared to last week. Overall I enjoyed the dance and it made me like the song a little bit better too.

Benjamin & Anna: Hip hop, Randi & Hef

So many sparkles and if the light hits it the right way does not sound fun for the eyes of the audience. That aside, I love seeing Anna in her element and I found myself watching her over Benjamin (who was great as well). I love when they stay in character after the dance as well.

Ezra & Madison: Jazz, Ray Leeper

I love and good steamy/sensual routine and these two knocked it out of the park. Madison is a power house and Ezra is a not only a great partner but quite a good dancer himself. Though Dominic commenting on his favorite part had me giggling but I agree with him it was a nice moment.

Bailey & Mariah: Hip hop, Luther Brown

Honestly I have no words for these two. I mean the definitely brought the “sauce”. The couple to beat.

Bottom Four: Eddie, Ezra, Anna, and Stephanie

Going Home: Eddie and Stephanie. Hate seeing them go but someone has to be first.