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Six Degrees of SYTYCD?

This season, we get to see if Ryan Kasprzak, brother of Season 6’s Evan Kasprzak, makes it to the Top 20.  It seems there have been a lot of connections between contestants in the past!   Here’s what I have so far — who else am I forgetting?  Comment below!

  • Season 1’s Nick was roomates with Season 1’s Melody
  • Season 1’s Ryan was in Sickstep Crew with Season 3’s Hok
  • Season 2’s Benji is cousins with Season 2’s Heidi
  • Season 3’s Lacey is sister to Benji and cousin to Heidi
  • Season 2’s Travis is brothers with Season 3’s Danny
  • Season 2’s Stanislav is brother to Season 3’s Faina
September 23, 2009 I Written By

Tetris Tutting – Phillip Chbeeb

Missing Phillip Chbeeb’s “handi-work”?  Check out this dance to the theme music from Tetris, created and filmed in less than 24 hours:

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Boom Kack! Laurie Ann Gibson Joins the Show

Hi everyone!  I’m new here, so wanted to introduce myself.  I’ve been watching SYTYCD since season 1 and every season I make a mix CD of my favorite tunes.  Unfortunately, I had no idea until this year that John has been listing and linking to all the music since season 2, so I’ve been furiously writing down song names and artists as they fly across the screen!  Phew, now that I found this blog, I can just enjoy the show!

Among the many awesome moments on tonight’s show, Laurie Ann Gibson was introduced as a new choreographer.  I could hear it all across America… “Where do I know her from???”  If you love watching reality dance shows, then you might remember her from Making the Band 3, the show that spawned pop group Danity Kane.  Laurie Ann is tough and often makes people cry because she pushes them so hard.  But as you could see from Jeanine and Brandon’s performance, man does she get good results from it!

Here’s a clip of her in rehearsals for Making the Band 3:

John’s UPDATE: Thanks to the nice people in the comments they also mentioned that Laurie Ann was in Honey and also has an instructional DVD called Breakin’ It Down With Laurie Ann Gibson

July 23, 2009 I Written By