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SYTYCD Tour T-shirts

I know that many of you are preparing for the tour. You’ve bought your tickets and you can’t wait to go and see your favorite dancer perform live. If you haven’t bought your tickets, go and buy them now. What are you waiting for?

Now we want to help you take your fandom to a whole new level. Pure SYTYCD is going to do some special t-shirts for readers of Pure SYTYCD. However, I need your help picking the design. I’ve uploaded a bunch of designs below. Let me know which ones are your favorites. Then, I’ll post again when I’ve created shirts for the best ones.

Be sure to click on the image to see the full size image since it cuts some of the images off.

August 25, 2010 I Written By

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Pure SYTYCD Tour T-Shirts

Now that SYTYCD season 7 is over, we at least have the SYTYCD tour to look forward to. In fact, if you haven’t already bought your SYTYCD tour tickets, what are you waiting for? Go and BUY THEM NOW!!

Now, as I thought about the tour coming up, I thought about how cool it would be to have some Pure SYTYCD tour t-shirts. I actually have a few designs that say Pure SYTYCD, but I thought I’d ask first if any of the Pure SYTYCD family of readers had some design skills and wanted to design a t-shirt for the SYTYCD tour. If there’s more than one, we could have a few shirts or we could vote for our favorite one or something.

As a small incentive, whoever designs the t-shirt that I like most, I’ll buy them a t-shirt. Plus, I’ll wear that t-shirt when I go and interview the dancers at the Las Vegas tour stop. Not to mention, I’m guessing that hundreds of Pure SYTYCD readers will be wearing them too and you can know that you made them!

Ok, so if you’re interested in designing a t-shirt, leave a comment or drop us a note on the Contact Us page and we’ll see what we can put together.

Note: Make sure that whatever t-shirt you design doesn’t violate any of the show’s copyright or images (ie. images of dancers from the show or the official logos of the show.

August 12, 2010 I Written By

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So You Think You Can Dance 2010 Tour Dates and Locations

Ticket for the sale don’t go on sale until Thursday, Friday or Saturday of this week (depending on where you live). You can find the specific dates on the links below. So, just bookmark the page.

Good news is that we just got the presale code for the tour which is β€œDANCE2010” and runs Thursday 10am-10pm PST.

Now on to the list of dates and locations for the So You Think You Can Dance 2010 tour and links to buy the tickets on Ticketmaster.

Sep. 19 – New Orleans – Lakefront Arena – Buy Tickets on Ticketmaster
Sep. 21 – Houston – Reliant Arena – Buy Tickets on Ticketmaster
Sep. 22 – Grand Prairie – Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie – Buy Tickets on Ticketmaster
Sep. 24 – Kansas City – Sprint Center – Buy Tickets on Ticketmaster
Sep. 25 – St. Louis – Chaifetz Arena – Buy Tickets on Ticketmaster
Sep. 27 – Atlanta – Gwinnett Center – Buy Tickets on Ticketmaster
Sep. 29 – Miami – AmericanAirlines Arena – Buy Tickets on Ticketmaster
Sep. 30 – Orlando – Amway Arena – Buy Tickets on Ticketmaster
Oct. 2 – Charlotte – Time Warner Cable Arena – Buy Tickets on Ticketmaster
Oct. 3 – Richmond – Richmond Coliseum – Buy Tickets on Ticketmaster
Oct. 5 – Baltimore – 1ST Mariner Arena – Buy Tickets on Ticketmaster
Oct. 6 – Trenton – Sun National Bank Center – Buy Tickets on Ticketmaster
Oct. 7 – New York City – Radio City Music Hall – Buy Tickets on Ticketmaster
Oct. 9 – Mashantucket – MGM Grand Theater at Foxwoods – Buy Tickets on Ticketmaster
Oct. 10 – Manchester – Verizon Wireless Arena – Buy Tickets on Ticketmaster
Oct. 11 – Boston – Agganis Arena – Buy Tickets on Ticketmaster
Oct. 13 – Rochester – Blue Cross Arena – Buy Tickets on Ticketmaster
Oct. 15 – Long Island – Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum – Buy Tickets on Ticketmaster
Oct. 16 – Atlantic City – Boardwalk Hall – Buy Tickets on Ticketmaster
Oct. 17 – Newark – Prudential Center – Buy Tickets on Ticketmaster
Oct. 19 – Toronto – Air Canada Centre – Buy Tickets on Ticketmaster
Oct. 20 – Detroit – Joe Louis Arena – Buy Tickets on Ticketmaster
Oct. 22 – Pittsburgh – CONSOL Energy Center – Buy Tickets on Ticketmaster
Oct. 23 – Louisville – KFC Yum! Center – Buy Tickets on Ticketmaster
Oct. 24 – Columbus – Schottenstein Center – Buy Tickets on Ticketmaster
Oct. 26 – Rosemont – Allstate Arena – Buy Tickets on Ticketmaster
Oct. 27 – Milwaukee – Bradley Center – Buy Tickets on Ticketmaster
Oct. 29 – Rockford – MetroCentre – Buy Tickets on Ticketmaster
Oct. 30 – Minneapolis – Target Center – Buy Tickets on Ticketmaster
Nov. 2 – Broomfield – 1STBANK Center – Buy Tickets on Ticketmaster
Nov. 4 – Salt Lake City – Maverik Center (formerly known as The E Center) – Buy Tickets on Ticketmaster
Nov. 6 – Tacoma – Tacoma Dome – Buy Tickets on Ticketmaster
Nov. 7 – Portland – Rose Garden – Buy Tickets on Ticketmaster
Nov. 9 – Sacramento – ARCO Arena – Buy Tickets on Ticketmaster
Nov. 10 – San Jose – HP Pavilion at San Jose – Buy Tickets on Ticketmaster
Nov. 12 – Las Vegas – The Theater for Performing Arts at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino – Buy Tickets on Ticketmaster
Nov. 13 – San Diego – San Diego Sports Arena – Buy Tickets on Ticketmaster
Nov. 14 – Ontario – Citizens Business Bank Arena – Buy Tickets on Ticketmaster
Nov. 16 – Los Angeles – Staples Center – Buy Tickets on Ticketmaster
Nov. 17 – Glendale – Arena – Buy Tickets on Ticketmaster

You can also find the SYTYCD 2010 Tour on Facebook and Twitter.

July 28, 2010 I Written By

Just call me Charlie...but where are my angels?

SYTYCD Seasons 6 and 7 Tour

Since the tour dates have been announced, and Nigel was kind enough to clarify that dancers from both Seasons 6, Season 7 and the All Stars are going to participate… one thing that Nigel mentioned to Ashley was that she was “chosen” to participate on the tour as long as her injury has healed. Chosen? Meaning that not everyone is going to get a chance to be on the tour?

And as Emilie mentioned before… there might be dancers in Season 6 that won’t be able to make the tour due to contractual obligations elsewhere (they have to dance to put food on the table after all! πŸ˜€ ).

So below are a series of polls… the Top 10 dancers of Season 6, the dancers of Season 7 sans Alex Wong, and the All Stars… You get to decide who you’d like to see go on the tour! You are able to select as many dancers as you would like… in this case there’s no limit! πŸ™‚ Enjoy.

July 16, 2010 I Written By

My life can be summed up in the following two quotes: 1) "I am married to engineering and am its faithful wife by day, but at night my wanderlust takes hold and the arts becomes my jealous paramour." and... 2) "Engineering is my safety net. Writing is my passion. Acting is my escape when the other two become too much." So where does dancing fit in? Pretty much anywhere at this point... =)

SYTYCD Season 7 Top 7 Results Thoughts

Tonight’s episode. Sigh. Season Seven. Sigh. Okay, let’s do this.

-I loved Tyce’s Broadway Group routine tonight. I have a couple of thoughts about mixing the All-Stars and contestants, though. Part of me wonders if the contestants are getting to fully shine with all this sharing of the stage with All-Stars. BUT, I’m glad to see my favorites dancing, no matter how and when. Kathryn and Lauren really stood out to me, as well as Neil, Mark and Ade. Lauren was the only contestant who really stood out on her own to me.

-Loved that Cat was brought in on the couch by Adechike and Jose. πŸ™‚ She’s so cute.

-The first two contestants came up – Kent and Lauren holding hands. Hmmm. First thought was this was confirmation that my #1 and #2 slots were correct in the Power Rankings last night. Cause no way were they sending either of the first two to Bottom 3 the way they did last week. Anyway, they were cute when Cat said the person in the bottom three wasn’t on the stage. Way to drag out the obvious, everyone.

-The Dizzy Feet/Mary Murphy dancing kids were cute. The girl seemed a little weirded out by all the attention, but that Fernando – he’s gonna be on the show in about 5 or 6 years. πŸ™‚ I thought it was cute that Cat arm-wrestled him and even cuter than she let him win.

-Second pairing of contestants comes on stage – Billy and Adechike. I kinda had a weird feeling Billy was gonna be in the bottom again, even though I think Adechike deserves it more, even with that great contemporary last night with Kent.

-When Robert and Jose are brought on stage, I have another series of weird thoughts. Looking at Jose’s face, I think…somebody’s been reading the Internet. And I saw Robert’s face and I thought… “whoa, he looks really worried, I wonder if there’s ANY chance Ashley’s injury isn’t as serious as they thought.” But, then things went back to what I expected (and hoped, I have to admit). Robert’s safe and Jose’s in the Bottom 3.

-About this point, I’m realizing we haven’t really seen Ashley (unless I missed it) like we did with Alex, emotional in the crowd. Hmmm.

-I’m gonna get a lot of heat for this, but I wasn’t keen on the Alvin Ailey dancers Jamal and Rachel. First, I hated the music. I went through about a nanosecond of a Laurie Anderson phase and then I wondered what I’d been thinking. That and the costumes – but neither of those are J&R’s fault. They danced beautifully. But I wasn’t feeling either of those aesthetic things and I really wasn’t feeling how they each kinda lay or sat completely prone and still while they other danced. Just not my bag. Sorry, folks.

-I DID love seeing Twitch and Comfort in the “rewind” “Forever” dance from Season 4. Thanks to our reader Kayla for the term. πŸ™‚ It was even better this time and really solidified for me how much Comfort’s grown since her season and that she really does deserve to be an All-Star.

-Billy’s solo was very much like all his others. Only, there did seem to be a fierceness in his eyes that isn’t always there. A digging in.

-Jose’s was fast and furious, as the judges said. Yet. Yet. Oh, Jose. I’m sorry. You’re so sweet and I felt for you when you said that you expected to be in the bottom 3 every week. But you need a lot more training before you can match those All-Stars. Maybe you would have had a steeper “growth journey” in another season, but in this one, you’ve been extremely lucky to get this far. It’s sad – but wise of you! – that you recognize this.

-SOOO COOOL to have Christina Perri performing “Jar of Hearts” Jar on the show, since our love for her single enabled her to quit her job and concentrate on her music. I love that we all contributed to her career. It really gives me hope that we may see Black Gold on to perform “Shine” Shine. I’m thinking they can do the very last elimination live with all the eliminated dancers dancing as they perform. That’d be cool, like it was UBER cool to see Allison and Neil dancing to Christina’s song. Highlight of the night for me.

-There’s Ashley. Finally. Blah blah blah from the judges. WAIT. Nigel talks about Michael Jackson and kinda refers to him in the present tense. Is Nigel one of those who believe MJ is still alive somewhere? Or just that his spirit is always with us and hence, present? Hmmm.

-Ashley needs 3-5 weeks of rest, so she’s out. Yup, I knew it. Sad. But, at least the mentioned that they want her healed up for the tour…

-…which will include SEASON 6, SEASON 7 AND ALL-STAR DANCERS!! Hurrahhh! Probably, some dancers (ahem, Jakob) have gotten contracts since their seasons and so won’t be available for the tour, so they’ll be able to include the best of the two seasons. And with Alex unable to perform…

-Awww, Cat kinda whisperes, “We want you on the tour. We want you to get better.” I love Cat. And she refuses to let Ashley apologize to us for being injured. LOOVE CAT. πŸ™‚

-Awww, Ashley is crying so hard she can barely talk. Ah, Ashley, you’re my favorite. Get well for the tour.

That it for me. How about you?

July 15, 2010 I Written By

SYTYCD 2010 Tour Dates Announced!

They don’t say WHICH season will be represented in the tour, phhfffft!, but I’m assuming it MUST be Seasons 6 and 7. If FOX knows what’s good for them, they won’t deny us our Season 6 dancers. Me and Annie will be there for the first show, in New Orleans. Thanks for the tip, Annie!

SYTYCD Tour Dates Announced

Sep-19 New Orleans, LA Lakefront Arena
Sep-21 Houston, TX Reliant Arena
Sep-22 Grand Prairie, TX Verizon Theatre
Sep-24 Kansas City, MO Sprint Center
Sep-25 St. Louis, MO Chaifetz Arena
Sep-27 Duluth, GA Arena at Gwinnett Center
Sep-29 Miami, FL American Airlines Arena
Sep-30 Orlando, FL Amway Arena
Oct-02 Charlotte, NC Time Warner Cable Arena
Oct-03 Richmond, VA Richmond Coliseum
Oct-05 Baltimore, MD 1st Mariner Arena
Oct-06 Trenton, NJ Sun National Bank Center
Oct-07 New York City, NY Radio City Music Hall
Oct-09 Mashantucket CT * MGM Grand Theater at Foxwoods
Oct-10 Manchester , NH Verizon Wireless Arena
Oct-11 Boston, MA Agganis Arena at Boston University
Oct-13 Rochester, NY BlueCross Arena
Oct-15 Long Island, NY Nassau Coliseum
Oct-16 Atlantic City, NJ Boardwalk Hall
Oct-17 Newark, NJ Prudential Center
Oct-19 Toronto, ON Air Canada Centre
Oct-20 Detroit, MI Joe Louis Arena
Oct-22 Pittsburgh, PA CONSOL Energy Center
Oct-23 Louisville, KY KFC Yum! Center
Oct-24 Columbus, OH * Schottenstein Center
Oct-26 Rosemont, IL Allstate Arena
Oct-27 Milwaukee, WI Bradley Center
Oct-29 Rockford, IL Rockford’s MetroCentre
Oct-30 Minneapolis, MN Target Center
Nov-02 Broomfield, CO 1stBANK Center
Nov-04 West Valley City, UT Maverik Center
Nov-06 Tacoma, WA Tacoma Dome
Nov-07 Portland, OR Rose Garden
Nov-09 Sacramento, CA ARCO Arena
Nov-10 San Jose, CA HP Pavilion at San Jose
Nov-12 Las Vegas, NV The Theater for the Performing Arts Center at Planet Hollywood
Nov-13 San Diego, CA San Diego Sports Arena
Nov-14 Ontario, CA Citizens Business Bank Arena
Nov-16 Los Angeles, CA STAPLES Center
Nov-17 Glendale, AZ arena
* Mashantucket on sale at 9am and Columbus on sale at 11am

NOTE: Schedule subject to change

July 13, 2010 I Written By

SYTYCD Season 6 Tour – Continued

Here’s a Tweet from Ashleigh DiLello:

To help answer all ur questions about SYTYCD Season 6 Tour: We’ve been told there will be one- we just don’t know what, when, or where yet. about 8 hours ago

Hmmm. I wonder if this is all part of some campaign to get all of us rabid about the tour…

December 30, 2009 I Written By

SYTYCD 2010 Tour

There has been a ton of talk about their being no tour for the dancers on SYTYCD season 6. I haven’t seen anything definitive, but it looks like they’re likely going to do a season 6 and 7 combined tour. I don’t know what you guys think of the idea, but I’m not a huge fan of the idea.

I don’t mind the idea of 2 seasons combining to go on tour. My problem is that I don’t want to wait for almost a year to see season 6 on tour. That will just be a bit odd. Plus, who even knows if all the dancers from season 6 will be available a year from now. I know Legacy’s already tried out for things and I’m sure many other people are as well. Will they be tied up in contracts next year when they finally go on tour?

Plus, think about if SYTYCD does like Survivor and Dancing with the Stars and Amazing Race and starts doing 2 seasons a year (Summer and Fall). That would mean next Fall would be right after the summer season and during the tour for the previous 2 seasons. Talk about A LOT of SYTYCD. I think I could handle it, but I think that many would get burnt out.

Of coursr the good thing is that then the tour could benefit from promotion during the Fall season. An important and beneficial thing for the tour to be a success.

If they’re going to do 2 seasons on one tour, then they should do a summer and fall season touring in the spring. I still think it would be highly successful as long as they included an SYTYCD tour email notification list that people can sign up for during the season. Too bad the SYTYCD website is so poor. I think that probably means they’re unlikely to do something so simple as an email list.

Either way, I’ll be upset if SYTYCD season 6 doesn’t tour. I was really looking forward to meeting some of them in person again.

Here’s a poll where you can share your feelings about whether they should do a tour for SYTYCD 6 or not:

December 23, 2009 I Written By

Just call me Charlie...but where are my angels?

So You Think You Can Dance Season 6 Tour

I’ve been looking all over for any details about a So You Think You Can Dance season 6 tour. I can’t find anything and nothing’s been announced on the show. Does anyone know any details about the So You Think You Can Dance season 6 tour?

I feel like they have to have it since didn’t they talk about the top 10 being able to go on the tour and that being a critical week for the dancers? I don’t think they would mention that and then not do one. Plus, the season 5 SYTYCD tour was a big hit. At least according to the marketing director for the venue in my city. The tour seems like an extension of Nigel’s goal of giving these dancers jobs and exposure. Not to mention it lines his pockets with cash too.

The challenge is that if they don’t announce the SYTYCD 2010 tour during the season, then how will they appropriately market the SYTYCD 2010 tour so people know there is one? The same marketing director mentioned above said that she thought the reason the 2009 SYTYCD tour was so successful was partially because of the essentially free marketing they got during the Fall season of SYTYCD.

So, what’s up? We need some details about the tour. Don’t try to tell me that I’m not going to get a chance to see Kathryn up close and personal. Not to mention my little Mollee. Plus, I’m ready to do an interview with my 2 BYU graduates and lovebirds, Ryan and Ashleigh.

Has anyone heard anything about a SYTYCD 2010 tour?

December 16, 2009 I Written By

Just call me Charlie...but where are my angels?

Saying Goodbye to Nathan and Noelle

here’s the exit interview from Nathan and Noelle, thanks to the folks at Both of them seem super upbeat and grateful for the opportunities they got on the show.

additionally, Entertainment Weekly has begun doing exit interviews with the cast, here are the links:

Noelle Marsh

Nathan Trasoras

interesting note, the interviewer ask Noelle about the tour, and she’s really excited and hoping to perform her Afro-Jazz piece (I’d guess it’s a sure thing for the tour) but she (Kate Ward from EW) doesn’t ask Nathan about the tour, and Nathan comes off during the whole interview ask just sounding exhausted, and I can’t say I blame him after the beating that he took from the judges this season. What do you guys think?

December 3, 2009 I Written By