SYTYCD “All Star” Dancers

Back in Season 7, So You Think You Can Dance introduced the “All-Star” Dancers. These are dancers from the previous seasons who excelled not only in their own specialty but on the show as well that the producers have brought back to the show to work with the Season 7 dancers to help up their game.

For Season 7, the pool of dancers shrunk from a Top 20 to a Top 11 and from the first week the dancers were paired with an All-Star. However, with Season 8 the producers paired the dancers with one another for the first five weeks but then when we reached the Top 10 they were paired with an “All-Star” Dancer.

Below are the All-Stars that were used between Season 7 and 8: what season they came from, their placement, and their specialty. As more seasons of So You Think You Can Dance include the “All-Stars”, I will add the information below.

Summer 2005: Season One
Nick Lazzarini Winner Jazz S9: W5
Melody Lacayanga Runner Up Contemporary / Jazz / Broadway S8: W6
Summer 2006: Season Two
Benji Schwimmer Winner Swing S9: W7
Ivan Koumaev Top 6 Hip Hop S8: W7
Allison Holker Top 8 Contemporary / Jazz / Broadway S7: W1-3, W5-7, W9
S8: W6-7
S9: W5, W6, W8
Summer 2007: Season Three
Neil Haskell Third Place Contemporary / Jazz / Broadway S7: W1, W3, W5, W8
S8: W7
Lauren Gottlieb Top 6 Contemporary / Jazz / Hip Hop / Broadway / Cultural S7: W1-4, W6, W8-9
S8: W7
S9: W5, W6
Pasha Kovalev Top 6 Ballroom / Latin / Salsa S7: W1-5, W8-9
S8: W6-9
Dominic Sandoval Top 8 Breaking / Hip Hop S7: W2, W4-5, W8
Jaimie Goodwin Top 10 Contemporary / Jazz S8: W8
S9: W5
Anya Garnis Top 12 Ballroom / Latin / Salsa S7: W1-5, W7-8
S8: W7
S9: W5, W6
Summer 2008: Season Four
Joshua Allen Winner Hip Hop S8: W9
Stephen “tWitch” Boss Runner-Up Popping / Locking / Krump / Hip Hop / Stepping S7: W1, W3, W6, W9
S8: W6, W8
S9: W5-8
Katee Shean Third Place Contemporary / Jazz / Broadway S7: W4
Courtney Galiano Fourth Place Contemporary / Jazz / Broadway / Disco S7: W1-8
Chelsie Hightower Top 6 Ballroom / Latin S8: W6
Mark Kanemura Top 6 Contemporary / Jazz / Cultural S7: W1-2, W5, W9
S8: W9
William Wingfield Top 8 Contemporary S9: W8
Comfort Fedoke Top 8/12 Hip Hop / Krump S7: W1-2, W4, W6-7
S8: W6
S9: W7
Summer 2009: Season Five
Brandon Bryant Runner Up Contemporary / Jazz S8: W6
S9: W5
Ade Obayomi Top 6 Contemporary / Jazz S7: W1-3, W7-8
S8: W7
S9: W6
Janette Manrara Top 8 Salsa / Ballroom / Latin S8: W8
Fall 2009: Season Six
Jakob Karr Runner Up Contemporary / Jazz S9: W5
Kathryn McCormick Third Place Contemporary / Jazz / Cultural / Disco / Broadway S7: W1-9
S8: W6
S9: W5, W7
Ellenore Scott Fourth Place Contemporary / Jazz S8: W8
Ryan DiLello Sixth Place Ballroom / Latin S9: W6
Summer 2010: Season Seven
Lauren Froderman Winner Contemporary / Jazz S8: W7, W9
Kent Boyd Second Place Contemporary / Jazz S8: W8
Robert Roldan Third Place Contemporary / Jazz / Cultural S8: W6, W9
Alex Wong Top 8 Contemporary / Jazz / Ballet S9: W5, W6, W8
Summer 2011: Season Eight
Melanie Moore Winner Contemporary / Jazz S9: W6, W7
Marko Germar Third Place Jazz S9: W7