SYTYCD Twitter Accounts

Many of those who are and have participated on So You Think You Can Dance have joined the twitter craze. Even Nigel and Adam talked about it on the first top 20 show of So You Think You Can Dance season 5. I figured it was about time to create the same fixture on this site. If you know of any that are missing from the list, please Contact Us. Enjoy following all your favorite So You Think You Can Dance peeps on Twitter.

**Follow all the SYTYCD Twitter accounts with one click (still adding some of the older seasons)

Pure SYTYCD Twitter Accounts
Pure TV Network
Amanda on Twitter
Margaret on Twitter
Emilie on Twitter

SYTYCD Season 7 Twitter Accounts
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Alexie Agdeppa
Lauren Froderman
Ashley Galvan
Cristina Santana
Melinda Sullivan
Billy Bell
Kent Boyd
Robert Roldan
Jose Ruiz
Adéchiké Torbert
Alex Wong
Anthony Burrell – Didn’t quite make the top 11, but should have.

SYTYCD Season 7 All Stars Twitter Accounts
**See all the latest SYTYCD Season 7 All Star Twitter account updates
Allison Holker
Anya Garnis
Dominic Sandoval
Lauren Gottlieb
Neil Haskell
Pasha Kovalev
Comfort Fedoke
Mark Kanemura
Stephen “Twitch” Boss
Courtney Galiano
Ade Obayomi
Kathryn McCormick

SYTYCD Judges/Choreographers/Hosts Twitter Accounts:
Toni Redpath
Adam Shankman
Lil’ C
Mia Michaels
Nappy Tabs
Brian Friedman
Tyce Diorio
Mary Murphy
Nigel Lythgoe
Shane Sparks
Tre Armstrong (CA)
Laurieann Gibson
Cat Deeley

SYTYCD Season 6 Twitter Accounts:
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Bianca Revels
Billy Bell
Channing Cooke
Jakob Karr
Jonathan “Legacy” Perez
Karen Hauer
Mollee Gray
Nathan Trasoras
Noelle Marsh
Pauline Mata
Phillip Attmore
Victor Smalley

SYTYCD Season 5 Twitter Accounts:
**Follow all the SYTYCD Season 5 Twitter accounts with one click
Jeanine Mason
Jonathan Platero
Paris Torres
Phillip Chbeeb
Tony Bellissimo
Vitolio Jeune
Natalie Reid (famously kicked off before the top 20 and with Katee Shean on SYTYCD 4)
Jason Glover
Kupono Aweau
Karla Garcia
Ade Obayomi
Brandon Bryant
Caitlin Kinney
Janette Manrara
Kayla Radomski
Melissa Sandvig
Randi Evans

SYTYCD Season 4 Twitter Accounts:
Comfort Fedoke
Courtney Galiano
Gev Manoukian
Mark Kanemura
Marquis Cunningham
William Wingfield
Chelsie Hightower
Joshua Allen
Kourtni Lind
“Twitch” Stephen Boss
Katee Shean

SYTYCD Season 3 Twitter Accounts:
Neil Haskell
Shauna Noland
Dominic Sandoval
Faina Savich
Hokuto Konishi
Jaimie Goodwin (Personal)
Lacey Schwimmer
Lauren Gottlieb
Anya Garnis and Pasha Kovalev

SYTYCD Season 2 Twitter Accounts:
Benji Schwimmer
Donyelle Jones
Jason Williams
Joy Spears
Natalie Fotopoulos
Travis Wall

SYTYCD Season 1 Twitter Accounts:
Blake McGrath
Destini Rogers
Melody Lacayanga
Nick Lazzarini
Ryan Conferido
Sandra Colton

Official SYTYCD Canada Twitter

Judges & Choreographers
Muther Brown
Tre Armstrong
Blake McGrath
Mary Murphy
Stacey Tookery

SYTYCD Canada Season 1 Twitter Accounts:
Natalli Reznik
Miles Faber
Vincent Noiseux
Kyle Mylrea

SYTYCD Canada Season 2 Twitter Accounts:
Melanie Mah
Cody Bonnell
Nicholas Begin.
Natalie Lyons
Everett Smith
Kim Gingras
Amy Gardner
Jayme Rae
Danny Lawn
Taylor James
Daniel Dory

Other SYTYCD Canada Twitter
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