A Chance to Dance Company Goes on SYTYCD Tour and Other Juicy Speculation

A Chance to Dance is over now, but you can still catch it streamed online. It’s a great watch if you have a weekend and need something fun to do. If you love dancing, you won’t be disappointed.

Although, the dancers on A Chance to Dance are really just getting started with their careers. As we saw on the Chance to Dance finale, most of the dancers are going to be going on tour with SYTYCD.

Marianya is planning on going to the tour stop in Chicago I believe, so we should get a full report on the tour early on. Plus, I’m quite sure that Amanda will find a tour stop as well. You can see all the SYTYCD tour stops on the AEG website.

While we wait to hear exactly how they’re going to merge the Chance to Dance company with those from SYTYCD, it’s fun to speculate about what things they might do.

First, I bet the opening dance and finale dance will be phenomenal since they’ll have so many dancers to work with. At least I hope they make those new dances that combine all of the dancers into a montage of beautiful dancing.

I also wonder if they’ll do big group dances. I think in some past tours they didn’t do some of the group dances because they didn’t have enough dancers. I wonder if they’ll do those now with all the dancers from Chance to Dance joining in.

Another interesting possibility is if some of the Chance to Dance dancers get an opportunity to do some of the SYTYCD dances. Maybe it won’t happen, but what a wonderful opportunity for those on Chance to Dance if it happens.

In other speculation, I wonder if some of the dancers from A Chance to Dance will show up on the next season of SYTYCD. That would be fun. I don’t think some of the dancers are as versatile as they need to be to have success on SYTYCD, but I’d still love to see them.

Finally, this is my best speculation of the whole post. I haven’t seen the ratings for Chance to Dance and the other critics talking about it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this was Nigel’s attempt to try out another dance show. How cool would it be if Nigel took A Chance to Dance and expanded it to a full series as opposed to the 7 episodes we got this year. The dynamics of a company are interesting and there’s something beautiful and refreshing about not knowing what to expect next in the show. I hope they do this, but we’ll see. I’m sure Nigel is keeping an eye on how to create a dance show to replace SYTYCD once it meets its final demise.