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SYTYCDC 3 – Who Will Be in the TOP 20?!

As we all (should) know, the reveal of which Canadian dancers will be in Season 3’s Top 20 will be revealed tonight at 9PM ET on CTV. I haven’t been able to watch the Montreal auditions yet but I do recognize some Montreal dancers who tried out previously who deserve to make it into the Top 20 this year. I have also seen the Finals Week episode, so hopefully that reinforced my predictions. Once again – these are just PREDICTIONS – NOT the actual Top 20.


Top 10 Males
Jera Wolfe
Jonathan Arsenault
Jesse Weafer
Andrew “Pyro” Chung
Sebastian Mersch
Shavar “Caution” Blackwood
Kevin Howe
Jeff Mortensen
Justin (Tap)
Dennis (Ballroom)

Top 10 Females
Alexandra Crenian
Geisha Chin
Danielle Gardner
Jenny Dailey
Breanne Wasylenko
Kirsten Wicklund
Natalie Heath
Chloe Peers
Amanda Cleghorn
Yana (Ballroom)

August 22, 2010 I Written By

SYTYCD Finale Part 2 Anticipation

The Tweetverse seems to be *almost* as excited as I am for tonight’s show.

Goin in early to finale today to watch rehearsals for finale! Lambert, Leona, Mary j, and j lo!!! Saw jans #. frea (cont) about 6 hours ago

Jennifer lopez and marc Anthony are so freaking nice!!! OMG!! Amazing people. about 5 hours ago

Tab is taping @JLo this morning & cleaning routines for the SYTYCD finale. Wish they would have picked our Alice in Wonderland for finale.. about 4 hours ago

Thank you @Jlo for the amazing opportunity to perform with you! I had an wonderful time! 🙂 Don’t forget to watch SYTYCD Finale tonight! about 4 hours ago

Watch the finale Tonight! Ellenore and legacy are repeforming my ” mr. And mrs. Smith” piece! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy about 2 hours ago

Amanda_516 (our very own Amanda)
almost quiting time then SYTYCD later…GO KATHRYN!!! about 2 hours ago

Watch Sytycd tonight I’m performing a lot of routines for it. Hope u enjoy! 39 minutes ago

Getting ready to go to the ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ finale! Woot! 15 minutes ago

RT @JLo: The rumors are true!!… I’ll be on “So You Think You Can Dance” tonight! These dancers are just breathtaking! So inspirational! 2 minutes ago

DANCEonFOX – Jennifer Lopez preparing for her performance at tonight’s season finale of #SYTYCD, 8/7c! 2 minutes ago

Here’s the picture they Tweeted:


All of this elicited this response from me:

the anticipation is killing me! less than 5 seconds ago

December 16, 2009 I Written By

SYTYCD Top 12 Performance Thoughts

Hey SYTYCD fanatics. I’ll unfortunately be unable to blog this week and might even miss seeing the shows entirely! If I can watch the shows, I’ll probably post something, but it’ll be much later than usual. I’m counting on you to fill me in about the show and tell me everything you think in the comments, as it may be the only way I’ll get to experience the shows this week. :'( If you feel especially brave, maybe you’ll risk predicting the Top 10 in a power ranking type fashion. (Amanda? Here’s your chance!) John will post the music, though it may be later than usual as he’s in Las Vegas and not East Coast-ish like me. 🙂 Feel free to comment on the music as well and we’ll put up iTunes links as always. So sorry for this disruption and I hope you have fun discussing the Top 12 performance episode.

November 24, 2009 I Written By