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So You Think You Can Dance Top 20 Rants

It’s now all official and we know who will be in the So You Think You Can Dance 2009 top 20. All over the web people are twittering about who they like, blogging about it, and commenting on blogs like mine. So, I might as well take a minute to write down a few of my rants (both good and bad) about the So You Think You Can Dance top 20.

Brandon Bryant – A lot of people are up in arms about Mia Michael’s comments to Brandon Bryant. Now you may remember that I said that Mia Michaels was a mean judge, but this time I’m actually backing Mia. Ok, she was a little over the top in her criticism but I think she was right. There’s something missing in Brandon’s performance in Las Vegas that’s not quite there.

Maybe it’s like his friend Natalie Reid who said that she couldn’t live up to her expectations. Brandon definitely can’t live up to the expectations of a crying Mary Murphy. However, for me I’m not sure it’s all about living up to expectations. I just think with certain styles of dance he’s going to have troubles and not blows us away like he did in his audition. Plus, he is a little bit arrogant in his ways. He’s not like Danny Tidwell arrogant, but just a touch of that maybe. Luckily unlike Danny Tidwell, when Brandon Bryant talks the arrogance doesn’t seem to come out. That’s a really good thing for him.

I also love the conspiracy theory someone suggested in the comments that maybe Mia Michaels was trying to avoid the Will Wingfield issue of being considered a judges favorite and having that hurt your chances with the vote. I don’t think Mia did that on purpose, but I definitely believe that Brandon Bryant will benefit from his fans voting extra for him thanks to Mia.

Ashley Valero – Can you say 4 times? That’s a lot of tryouts. I couldn’t be happier for her. Looking forward to see more of her dancing.

Alex Wong – Second to most heart breaking moment of the night. Whether you liked Alex Wong’s dancing or not you had to appreciate his desire to dance. It’s unfortunate that he wasn’t able to get out of his contract. I’m not calling for a boycott of his ballet company, but man it’s sad he went to all that work and now has to go home to only do ballet.

Kasprzak Brothers – Most heartbreaking moment of the night. I’m sure Fox wants ratings, but this was just cruel. “Worst nightmare” was an apt description. I also really hated that Nigel said they always thought they could only let one person with their style into this year’s top 20. That’s crap to me. You put in the best dancers. If they’re all contemporary then so be it. I hate to hear stuff like this.

I’ll admit that I ended up watching this episode twice already and as I sat back and just enjoyed it the second time, I was really excited to see so many of the dancers in the top 20. I don’t think this season is going to be the best one ever, but I also don’t think it will disappoint either. Plus, Wade Robson and Shane Sparks are BACKKKKK!!!! (in case you missed that news)

June 4, 2009 I Written By

Just call me Charlie...but where are my angels?

So You Think You Can Dance Top 32 – Predicting the Top 20

The good people over at SYTYCDism have created what seems to be the most complete list of the So You Think You Can Dance top 32 that I’ve found so far. Nice work Trandrew! Check out the list and please contribute if you know of any corrections to the So You Think You Can Dance Top 32. I’m going to mark in bold who I believe will be in the So You Think You Can Dance top 20. I can’t wait to find out the real SYTYCD top 20 results tonight.

1. Philip Chbeeb
2. Tony Bellissimo
3. Ricky Sun
4. Maksim Kapitannikov
5. Brandon Bryant
6. CJ Tyson
7. Alex Wong
8. Pono Aweau
9. Evan Kasprzak
10. Ryan Kasprzak
11. Jason Glover
12. Brandon Dumlao
13. Henry Rivera?
14. Ade Obayomi
15. Jonathan Platero?
16. Vitolio Jeune?
+ Geo Smith?

1. Caitlin Kinney
2. Paris Torres
3. Kayla Radomski
4. Janette Manrara
5. Asuka Kondoh
6. Jeanine Mason
7. Paula VanOppen
8. Melissa Sandvig
9. Karla Garcia
10. Pauline Mata
11. Randi Strong-Evans
12. Danielle Peig
13. Ashley Valero
14. Diane Vaden

Also, here’s the solo montage video from last night as well that highlights many of the So You Think You Can Dance top 20 hopefuls.

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Just call me Charlie...but where are my angels?